20 things NOT to do

Wednesday 5 December 2018

After a much needed week off, I am back to writing and posting on my little blog. I have been super stressed recently, due to deadlines and everything and it has taken over my life. I haven't had two seconds to do anything other than all of my university work. Being in your third and final year of studying is difficult! But anyway, this week, I decided to put together a list of 20 things NOT TO DO. I know this sounds strange, as a to-do list is normally what you would see. But I wanted to mix it up a little! 

Here we go:

  1. Don't use shaving cream - use conditioner instead. It is kinder on your skin and it even moistures it! Honestly, it feels so good.
  2. Don't use plastic straws. You don't need them, they take years to biodegrade and if you generally need one for whatever reason, there are so many alternatives. 
  3. Don't use social media as a diary.  I use social media a lot but I don't ever put something online which is super personal. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat is not the place for arguing or ranting. 
  4. Don't drink more than three cups of coffee a day- I learnt this the hard way. You will get addicted and also it just isn't good for you little belly, it will get upset. 
  5. Don't buy food out every day. When you buy packaged sandwiches every day for lunch, they have lots of calories and salt in them, they really aren't good for you. Pack your own lunch, it's cheaper and you know what goes into it.  
  6. Don't lend out your books - Unless you truly,  trust the person, you will not, repeat, you will not, get them back. 
  7.  Don't study or work in your bed/bedroom. Separate your work brain and your relax brain. Otherwise, you will never be able to achieve a sense of calm.
  8. Don't eat after 11pm. It's super bad for your digestion and it will make you feel super bloated. 
  9. Don't throw away takeaway containers - Use them again and again. 
  10. Don't ignore your dishcloths. This one sounds weird but listen... You know those cleaning cloth you use to wash all your dishes and cutlery? Yeah, don't ignore them. Wash them, regularly. They harbour the most germs and get gross fast. 
  11. Don't forget to say 'please' and 'thank you'. One that my mum used to drill into me as a child, but one I still carry to this day. It comes across as super rude when you don't say please or thank-you. Even if it's for little things like someone holding the door open, just say thank-you.
  12. Don't put anything online you wouldn't want a future employer to see - this is a super scary thing to think about but the idea that an employer might look at your social media account's is becoming more and more real. Don't post anything on there that you wouldn't want them to see. 
  13. Don't flush tampons or pads down the toilet. I don't know who does this, but if you do - stop. It's not good for the plumbing or the environment.
  14. Don't forget to back up your files - This is coming from a stressed, overworked university student. Please, please, please put your files on a memory stick, put them on the cloud, a hard-drive, google drive, anything.
  15. Don't watch horror films before bed. This is probably just because I am a baby and I hate horror but don't watch anything super scary before bed. I think I appreciate sleep more than the average person and the scary films will find a way to filter themselves into my sleep. So no thank you!
  16. Don't get angry when driving - Easier said than done by someone who actually doesn't drive, but it seems like a waste of your day to mad about something that isn't worth it. 
  17. Don't sleep with your makeup on. It is the worst thing for your poor skin and although you may be tired and you just want to collapse in bed. Take a second and wipe the makeup off your face. 
  18. Don't spend too much money on herbal teas - Most coffee shops or cafes will give you hot water for free so if you carry your own teabags, you won't have to spend any money on tea.
  19. Don't buy first-hand books - this rule comes with many exceptions. If you really love a book and you want a nice copy, that's understandable. But if you can buy the book anyway that means it isn't brand new. 
  20.  And finally, don't forget to take time out - You need rest, don't burn the candle at both ends (as my mum would say)

Thank you for reading this brief post! I will get better at juggling my blog and my university work. Soon, I will be finished anyway. That's right, only three more months then hopefully I will graduate! Till then, I will continue to work hard! Thank you again - and until next week. 

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  1. Hm... who do we know that breaks no.5 with his sandwiches


  2. It will all be worth it in the end.... good advice. Love you....your mumma.x

  3. Don't lend books out says our favourite hoarder of other people's books

  4. Great post, really interesting x

  5. Discovering the condition shaving trick was revolutionary! Some really great tips here, thanks for sharing!

  6. No 7 really hits a cord..

    Georgina| https://georginawangui.com

    1. Yeah, I think it does for most students! Thank you for your comment x


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