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If you have stumbled onto my little corner of the internet, you might as well stay a while and have a quick read. Okay, so what do you need to know about me?
First off, my name is Asher Lee Tulip Downer and this is my face.

Secondly, on this blog, you will find a multitude of different content. I love reviewing products and telling you my thoughts about them. I really enjoy reading, hence the URL, 'Come and Read With Me', so you will definitely see a lot of book chat. But also, I have a minute (maybe 40 seconds...) of wisdom and I write about it. 
For posts about food, why not read my 'Feed The Starving Student' series?
Or what about those wisdom-filled posts I mentioned a second ago? My 'A Note On...' has tonnes of insight (well, I hope) in,
Also, if you want to look at all my sponsored content because that does occasionally happen here, click here.

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