#5 FTSS- A 'Muffins in a Jar' Review

Sunday 13 January 2019

Are you ready for a delicious post? A simple and easy solution to your baking problems? Okay, for me, when I get stressed, I like to bake or cook. But that doesn't mean I am any good at it. Sometimes, everyone needs a little help and although I can (just about) cook cupcakes on my own when I saw these little bottles of 'Classic Kitchen's Muffins in a bottle', I got really excited and I just had to try it!
So, I found these at The Range, but I think you can pretty much buy them anywhere or the equivalent. I was sceptical at first, will these really work? How has making 8 muffins only going to cost me £1? But let me tell you, this was a super-easy, idiot-proof way of making cakes! 

As you can see, the majority of the ingredients that you will need to makes these muffins are actually squashed into these little glass jars (pictured below). Inside is, chocolate chips, sugar, and flour but all the correct measurements so it saves so much washing up of scales and sieves. All you have to add is a splash of milk, some melted butter and an egg, whisk it up and put it in the oven for 25 minutes then boom...You have eight adorable muffins! 

I don't know if this sounds like magic to anyone else that isn't me, but I was super excited to see that this worked! Also, just by the way, this post is not sponsored in any way, I am just super in love with these little jars of goodness! 

So overall, I was so so impressed with these and you should expect some of these as Christmas gifts because I think they would be the sweetest presents. But also, if you are really bad at baking in general then these are a super good idea. They don't ever go off so you can store them in your cupboard for a long period of time and they are so so cheap. I don't think there is another, cheaper way to make muffins ever. Honestly, I am so impressed, I would highly recommend.

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