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Saturday 25 April 2020

I have quite a love, hate relationship with my hair and I feel like I am not alone.

If you don't already know, I have quite long, blondey-brown hair which falls at my waist when straightened. It is naturally curly and I never, repeat, never brush it.  It's extremely thin, although I do have quite a lot of it, insert image here. 

Over the past few weeks, funnily enough, I've had quite a lot of time on my hands. 
Weird that. 
This has allowed me to try a range of different products on my hair. Now, let's talk about my overall goals. 

I want to minimise my bad hair days. Like many people, my hair has days where it doesn't want to listen to me. I do have curly hair and sometimes, it can be completely out of control. Below is a picture of my slightly wild, curly hair.

Now, I have been on the hunt for a conditioner that would be good, nay tame, my unruly hair. It also, could not be too pricey. 
I stumbled across this John Frieda Frizz Ease conditioner called Dream Curls. In the past, I have tried other 'curly conditioners' which claimed to tame curls. I want to state, that I have no intention of straightening out my curls. I don't want straight hair, I want nice, controllable curly hair. These past 'curly conditioners' would leave my hair lifeless and frankly, quite flat.

I just don't want the frizz that comes with that too much to ask?
All in all, I have been using this conditioner and my hair feels amazing! It smells amazing, albeit a little perfume-y but apart from that, it does my curly hair wonders. I highly recommend. 

Next up a trio that I definitely need to talk about. Don't worry, you aren't experiencing déjà vu, I have spoken about Mane 'n Tails before. In a past blog post, I tried Mane n' Tails shampoo before for one whole week. Which leads me onto my second goal: to make my hair thicker. You may be thinking, wait, I have a mane but no tail... Don't worry, it's for horses as well as humans. 

I do love my thin hair in a way. It's easy to style, it doesn't get greasy easy and I can whip it up in a bun using only one hairband. However, I would love a little more volume if I am being completely honest with myself. 

Mane n' Tails is a great way to strength your hair and reduce breakage. Back when I tried their shampoo, I tried their original one. Now, I remember thinking that although the product was amazing, the scent was a little chemical for me. However, I was lucky to have been gifted their newest herbal essential range! Which truly has taken my love for their products to a new level. Now, I can have the results from their original product along with a lovely, fresh new scent. 

If you are looking to strengthen your hair, I highly recommend Mane n' Tails. Here is a quick snap of my straightened hair after I have been using it for a week!

Okay, last but definitely not least is my final goal. To improve the texture. My hair is soft, extremely soft even. Which is great and I am not complaining, however, it does mean that hairstyles don't last as long. I need a little something to give it more grip. 

That's where my next product comes in. Argan Oil is my new best friend. After the shower, I will towel dry my hair and then run through a small, pea-sized amount of this Argan oil through my locks and bam, slightly less soft hair. 

I only do this every so often because it does add a lot of moisture to my hair but it really does my curls hold and adds to the texture. 

Thank you so much for reading this super long post all about my hair. I hope you are doing well, staying safe and not going completely crazy.

See you soon x

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