Excerpts from the Bathroom Floor - Marijah V.

Wednesday 7 February 2018



Genre: Poetry
Published: 11 October 2016
How long did it take me to read: 2 days

This book is around 85 pages of pure, heart-wrenching poetry. It is separated into three main chapters, Slumped over the sink, Face down the toilet, Drowning in the bathtub which tells the reader which part of the author's life they are going to be reading into. At the very beginning of this collection of poems, there is a disclaimer from the author herself stating that 'these are the words I didn’t say aloud. these are the texts I forgot to send. these are the feelings I share. this is for all the love I never felt'. So already, from the very first section of the book, we are invited into this authors world, this book contains their personal thoughts and feelings, there are no characters involved here. Usually, I would include a photo of this book, but unfortunately, I wasn't able to get my hands on a copy, however, there will be a link as usual on 'my favourites' page.

One of the most beautiful lines from this book, I found was 'notes on abused lovers who become art in the worst ways'. This line was powerful, to say the least, and it was one of many. There were times when I had to physically put the book down and go and make myself a cup of tea in order to be able to get through this book. Every line and every poem stirred a whole load of new emotions. Usually, with a poetry book, it would take me only a day to read through, however, I found myself needing time between every section. This book is a mournful comment on the idea of mental health wrapped in an enchanting cover. It openly talks about mental health and made the relate to the author on an emotional level.  

There is a number of poetry forms taking shape here to express the number of emotions the author is going through. There is simple free verse poetry alongside the more complex haiku, which are so effortlessly woven together to create a sometimes offensive but well-imitated image of how channelling mental health can be. I loved every page of it.
Unfortunately, every great book must come with a fault and I always strive to be completely honest. The cover art for this book wasn't as memorising for the contents inside. I felt it didn't do the poetry collection justice. Although I didn't have a hard copy of this book, I looked at the cover online and I wasn't as impressed with the cover art as I was with the beautiful poetry.
Saying that I will continue to give the suggestion of this read to friends as I definitely think it needs to be shared further. I think this book helps breaks down the stigma surrounding mental health and should be highly prized for that. I enjoyed this book a lot and would recommend it. 

Go check out her on Instagram: Zemagicalwanderlust
And go check out her representation, they put me in contact with Marijah and she's one of the loveliest authors I have met: Reader's house

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