Notebook Haul (February 2018)

Sunday 11 February 2018

Around this time at University, I begin to start working on my projects for various lectures. Which entails me having a handful of notebooks. I am VERY picky about notebooks. I prefer to have a spiral notebook with notes so I can rip out my messy work and start again neatly. However, I also like to have some that aren't ring bound. Because then it forces me to be well-ordered and precise with my word. So basically, I love notebooks and buy WAY too many.

To kick off my haul, I was recently bought this adorable notebook by my boyfriend. As you can see from this photo, this book isn't ring-bound however, it does have tear-away pages. Which means if I am not happy with a piece of 'neat' work that I write in here, it is more than easy to rip the page out. However, I do run the risk of this book becoming very thin if I continue to rip pages out. The quote on this notebook is the reason my boyfriend bought it for me, 'Bring me coffee and I will love you forever'. I am a sucker for ANYTHING coffee related. It was gifted to me from an independent store in my hometown, it was £4.00, which I would say isn't an eye-watering price for a notebook that you really love.

The second book of my haul is this adorable notebook from Newton and the apple. I have been gifted this book from this company as I saw it and fell in love with it. I am a sucker for a graphic, quote notebook and it really stood out to me. Also, it is not lined. There is an option on the site to have a lined version, but I wanted a non-lined version so I could doodle and recreate mind maps inside it, instead of my normal lined notebooks. I loved the empowering message of this book and that's what drew my eye to it originally. Newton and the apple also gave me these pencils as well. Although I am taking a degree in Media and Creative writing, my grammar is not the best. But these pencils add a fun and helpful reminder on how to spell simple, but easily misspelt words such as 'their, there' and 'your, you're'. These notebooks are only £3.95, which I think is a bargain for such an adorable notebook. Newton and the apple will be linked below if you wanna pick yourself up one!

One my newest additions is this pastel spiral notebook from TK MAXX. Usually, TK MAXX wouldn't be a place I would go to buy a notebook, but just after Christmas, they had the best sale. I picked up this notebook for £3.00 and I love it. The only problem is there are some tiny dents over the majority of the book because it was amongst all the other sale items. I looked around for one without the dents but unfortunately, there weren't any. However, this did get me even more money off. In this photo, its hard to see the quote because of the reflections bouncing off the gold writing, but it says 'Snap out of babe, you have a world to save'. As I have already said, I love a good graphics notebook. 

I don't know if this necessarily counts as a notebook, but the book on the right is my diary from Waterstones. I know I said I am picky when it comes to notebooks but I am SUPER picky when it comes to diaries. First of all the diary has to be pretty. It has to be visually appealing, so I remember to pick it up and shove it in my bag in the mornings. It also has to be a nice size. I hate large diaries. I don't know if it's just me, but the thought of carrying around an A3 sized diary in my handbag seems ludicrous. I like my diaries to be a bit smaller than A4 but not as small as A5, picky right? I was given a gift card for Waterstones, so it didn't necessarily cost me any money, but it is about £14. Which is a lot for a diary and normally I wouldn't spend that much, but I had a gift card and the design was to die for. 
On the left is a book I bought around Christmas which is also from TK MAXX. It was the first time in years that I had actually bought a book for a purpose instead of just buying one because of my unhealthy obsession with notebooks. The leaf design was adorable and I needed a spiral notebook because this was going to be my planning space for my blog. I started working on the overall design of my blog in about November, which was basically just setting how it looked and networking with a few companies that I thought would be good to work with. So when I bought this notebook I would be using for my blog work.

Go check out: Newton and the apple!
For an affordable but adorable notebook like mine!

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