An honest review of the Poppy Austin mascara

Sunday 11 March 2018

Hello Hello. Happy Sunday!

This is not my usual post, on Sunday's I like to post lifestyle posts and in my daily life, I do wear makeup. So's not outside my usual posts? However, I am a very sensitive skin gal, so finding makeup that actually agrees with my skin is a hard task. I got into contact with the Poppy Austin makeup company because they sell natural products, which is something that appealed to me and my skin massively.
I received the mascara on Monday, so I have been wearing it for about six days. What the trouble with my other mascaras is the flaking. I can wear a mascara all day and not even think about it until it begins to itch. I then have to admittedly take it off, no matter what time of day it is, where I am, or what I am doing, I have to take it off. 

So the main selling point of this mascara is the fact that it's vegan. Vegan you may ask? Is it edible? No. Well, I don't think so? Personally, I haven't tried it. What the vegan label on this product means is that it's not tested on animals. Many popular products like MAC, do use animals to test their makeup to make sure it's safe for human application. To be honest, these thoughts never really went through my head until people started really complaining about MAC and shops like LUSH started advertising their 'animal-free' products. Obviously, I care about animals as much as the next person, but I feel that this year I have become so aware of where my cosmetics come from. Also, this might be obvious to some, but I found that when I started looking at all natural products, I found my skin to be less reactive to them. I know, shocking.  But that is what drew my eye to Poppy Austin's mascara. I loved it. It didn't make my eyes itch and I could wear it confidently knowing that no animal suffered in order to make something I use for vanity.

Secondly, the feeling of the mascara. The wand was slightly different from the ones that I had used before. It was more square, yet the bristles were more woven together. I've taken a picture of the brush below because honestly, I had trouble describing it. However, I have no problem with describing what it did to my application of the mascara. The formula itself was light, I could see the product before I could feel it on my eyes. The wand allowed for the formula to coat my eyelashes evenly, distributing the cosmetic perfectly. I wasn't worried about the fallout or flaking during me putting it on.

I have quite average length eyelashes, they aren't short but they definitely aren't long. I am always open to trying a mascara that will length them a little but doesn't make it look like I have spiders taped to my eyes. Basically, a mascara that can add volume to my eyelashes without having to put a million coats of the product on. The Poppy Austin mascara is flawless in this department. A couple of sweeps and it is on perfectly. And you better believe that mascara is there to stay. This mascara is waterproof and it will not move from your face for 24 hours.

Finally, the packaging. I like the minimalistic packaging however, I don't know if I would necessarily see it in a store and pick it up. I think the main selling point is the fact that it is vegan and for an animal-free product, it is EXTREMELY fairly priced at about £20. I would defintiely recommend this to a friend and furthermore, I would probably buy a second tube when I run out!

Thank you so much, Poppy Austin!
Go check out their company!

Their Instagram: Poppy Austin
Their Shop: Poppy Austin Cosmetics 

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  1. love vegan products

    1. Yeah, me too! They are so simple and natural. They feel amazing! oxox

  2. this looks like it works so good 😍

  3. March 2018 at 11:36

    Very interesting doll, I've never really thought about using vegan products but looks like it's worth trying�� thanks for the nice post

    1. thank you morenasblogs! Means so much! it's definitely worth trying!

  4. Amazing review �� Sweet photos �� ddblogger ��

  5. Oh thanks Baby for the nice Review 💕💕

  6. Great review, I love using natural products x

  7. I read some reviews and purchased a product called headlight wizard waterproof mascara top coat


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