How To Stay Motivated As A Blogger

Sunday 25 March 2018

Lesson number one - Don't stop until you are proud

When this year began, I had many plans in my head for what I wanted to achieve. One of the things being to start a blog and to enjoy every post I did. If wasn't happy whilst writing my posts, then who would be happy to read them? Staying motivated is key.
At the end of the day, you are working for yourself. You are your own boss, you tell yourself when to write and when to take photos. All your ideas come from your own brain. Sometimes, I struggle to burst through my writer's block and actually come up with an idea that I am proud of. I wanted to speak a little more about that this week because it can't be only me that feels this way.

First of all, you come first, always. When you come to the evitable decision of either writing a blog post or sleeping. You must choose sleep. Your brain is not going to want to be creative if you don't let it rest. Remind yourself you are a badass bitch and curl up under your covers. Everyone has off days. 

Secondly, set yourself goals which you can write down and see.  This way, you are reminded of how well you are  doing and it keeps me organised. I can honestly say, that I am a list maker. I always feel so much better once I have written a visual list and I can see myself checking tasks off. Recently I got send some these adorable, personalised notebooks that can say anything you would like. This service is provided at the low cost of £8.95, which is very competitive compared to other businesses. I love this notebook with my blog name on it and I have recently begun using it for all my creative, blog post notes. For this low price, it would be so easy and affordable to get a couple more of these notebooks and have them personalised to say things like 'homework' or 'coursework'. This would help massively when trying to organise your work.
Another thing I love about these notebooks is that they are ring-bound. If you have read any of my other blog posts, you will know that I love ring-bound notebooks because you can so simply rip the pages out if you make a mistake. If you are anything like me, you always feel better about your notes and work if they are written neatly. These books allow you to tear out any pages that you don't need or that are too messy.

Thirdly, use those creative thoughts. Keep reading other bloggers posts and keep reading magazines. If you have an idea, write it down, remember it. What I find the hardest thing to do is to keep going with my ideas. I have a busy brain. I love thinking of new, creative posts to write about. I can have up five new ideas a day, then I just forget about them. They never make it out of my brain.  I have to write down my ideas, so I can expand and develop them.
But also, while we are on the thought of staying inspired, I think it is worth mentioning that writing a blog post is not the only way to stay inspired when you are a blogger. I find that one of the best ways I stay inspired is doing something different with my time. Painting is creative, drawing is creative, writing a poem, writing a story or even reading a book is creative. They are perfect ways to keep your brain-inspired and relaxed. Taking care of your brain will help you to write a blog post you are proud of.
Lastly, change your location every so often. My favourite place to write a blog post is in bed, with a tea and a podcast in the background. However, sometimes, I feel confined to those four walls. I like to go to a coffee shop occasionally and write there, it is surprising what a change of location can do for your writing.

I hope this rant has helped you a little. If you are concerned that blogging isn't for you because you don't have a creative mindset, don't worry about it. Creativity takes time and patience, give it a go.

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  1. this post really helped me out a lot. Thank-you

  2. Blogging seems like so much work!

  3. Asher your blog is fantastic, thank you for all your hard work it makes me motivated!

  4. Very useful post! Loved reading it

  5. THIS WAS REALLY NEEDED. I’m a huge procrastinator & need every bit of advice i can get on how to stay motivated!

    1. Yeah me too! It’s so important to stay motivated tho x

  6. This post was very useful thank you! Sometimes I feel lazy and do need a push from posts like these so thanks!


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