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Wednesday 2 May 2018

Marvel fan girl No. 31304537642

I am not going to pretend that my love for anything Marvel is different or original. I could tell from not being able to get a ticket to see Infinity War until this Sunday, due to all the tickets being booked. And even after going three days later, the cinema was still packed. I patiently dodged spoilers for three whole days. Do you know how hard that is when you have any sort of social media?
Disclaimer: I put up a poll on Monday asking if people would prefer a review with or without spoilers. Overwhelming, people voted 'no spoilers'.
There will be NO spoilers. 

Okay, so basic plotline if you didn't already know (which I doubt). Thanos is on the move to collectall six infinity stones and the Avengers and co are out to try and stop him, basically. 
Ten full years have been leading up to this moment, and will it live up to the hype?
In short, I thought it did. There was no part of the film (apart from what I mention below) that I wasn't completely impressed by this film. 
I really enjoyed it. I thought it was done so well as it was such an ambitious cross-over. For such an anticipated film, I thought it did really well. 
I was really impressed by the amount of screen time they managed to give each character and how they managed to represent each hero's personality. They kept the seriousness of The Avengers whilst still keeping the music and goofiness of The Guardians of the Galaxy. 
I also felt there was just enough humour in it. There was a joke every now and then, but not enough to make cringey. Overall, I loved it.
The movie had no 'fat' to put it lightly. It got right into the action, there was no build up or anticipation. No-one in the cinema moved for the entire 2.5 hours that the film played and when it was over, everyone stayed in their seats whilst waiting for the end credits. 
So let's get into the negatives (without spoilers of course). There wasn't much I didn't like about this film. Apart from the fact that there wasn't enough Groot in it. Groot has to be one of my favourite characters, even though he only says three words. As from the trailers that came before Infinity War, it was clear that in this film, Groot was going to a teenager. We have had fun, adult Groot and adorable, baby Groot. I was looking forward to sitting down and watching some grumpy, adolescent Groot. But unfortunately, I didn't think he got enough screen time. I wouldn't say it ruined the film for me and he does redeem himself a little at the end, but for most the film, I was thinking 'where's Groot then?'

Secondly and I have to give credit to my boyfriend for pointing this out, but they destroy everything that happened in Thor Ragnarok within the first ten minutes. Which again, didn't annoy me, but I didn't see it coming. I can guarantee that you don't have to have watched the eighteen films prior to this one, but if you are going to watch any of them before, I highly recommend Thor Ragnarok, if you really want to get the full effect and cry in the first ten minutes.
Without spoiling anything, the ending ripped my heart out. Bring tissues and junk food to eat your feelings afterwards. I felt like Marvel had been building up these characters for some many years through a plethora of films and now, they are just slowly destroying it. Which is one of the most effective tactics, it put me on the edge my seat at all times thinking 'I am not ready for them to die yet'.  I think the fact that they brought in all of the film's directors to help introduce and combine each superhero group was amazing. I love Marvel, always have, always will. However, I do feel like I need at least ten days to fully recover because I felt like I had my heart torn out and put back in so many times. 
Every time I think that Marvel has created my favourite film to date, they come out with another one that is absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend this film and if you don't want any spoilers from now on, I suggest staying off social media. 

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  1. Good review, I look forward to reading more film reviews in the future x

  2. i loved this film so much

  3. Now i’m even more disappointed in myself for not watching enough marvel.... I’m not a big movie watcher but after all i’ve heard, i’m gonna have to give them a try! Loved this review, asher! ❤️ Also very glad you stuck to no spoilers!

  4. I loved this film so much, great review ❤️


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