20 Life Lesson from a 20 Year Old

Sunday 29 April 2018

So recently, I have been thinking...

I have been on this earth for twenty years now. I was thinking about how long that actually is and what I have learnt from that period of time. I decided to start writing down, on a day to day basis, the lessons that I have put into practice that day. I have put together is this list of twenty life lessons from twenty years of my life. I understand that I was probably learning lessons from a young age that I don't remember now, but all these lessons below are one I have learnt consciously over the past few years. 
Disclaimer: Some of these lessons will be cliche or common knowledge. But I hope it helps you anyway. 

1. Support the people who support you
One of the most important things to me is showing people how much they mean to me. I have one of the most supportive families and friendship groups around. But a lesson I have learnt is that you should always remind those people how thankful you are that they are in your life.

2.  Start early
This is a lesson that I have learnt whilst studying at university, but I feel like I apply it to my daily life now. Any assignments you get, plan and try to start it early. In the long run, it will stress you out less and you will have more time to edit your work. Once I have an outline of a plan for an upcoming essay or report, I already feel better.

3.  You need to learn to say 'no'
A hard lesson for me and one I am still learning. All my friends have told me to start doing this. I help people too much. If I have the time, resources and knowledge to help people, then why wouldn't I?  Simply, because they wouldn't do the same for me. I know when thinking about doing good deeds, you shouldn' think about what you are going to get out of it. However, some people need to do things on their own otherwise they will become self-reliant. So take a breath and put yourself first.

4.  Don't be reckless with other peoples hearts or let people be reckless with yours
They are not yours, respect them.

5. Break the rule that intimacy is only for your partner
I am a strong advocate for showing affection. I love my boyfriend and I am not talking about randomly kissing everyone in sight. But it is okay to kiss your friend's cheeks, hug them and tell them how important they are. Friendships are just as important to maintain as relationships are. Love comes in many forms.

6. Remeber compliments, forget insults
A lesson that is easier said than done. You are your biggest critic at the end of the day and if you are happy with yourself then really cares? As long as you are making yourself proud then you are doing a good job. But bank the compliments that people say about you, they are referencing your best qualities.

7. Support girls
I originally wrote this lesson as 'support other girls' but then I changed it too 'support girls'. We have spent way too long underestimating women. I find it the height of hypocrisy when women tear down other women. Hasn't there already been enough belittling? I learnt this lesson years ago. But recently I have had to really bite my tongue. The blogging community is friendly for the most part (I have me some amazing people), but there are always a few which think they invented the idea. Girls support girls.

8. Your siblings are your best friends
This lesson is one I learnt years ago. Grace, if you are reading this (and you better be) thank you for always being on the other end of the phone when I need you.

9.  Love yourself
A lesson that is easier said than done. If you like it, wear it. If you want to do it, do it. You might as well and if you feel happy, then it's working. Honestly, this is cliche. But it is one of the most important things in the world. Confidence (not to be confused with cockiness) is one of the most and attractive and enticing things ever. And if you love yourself, you don't have to worry about what other people think because you have your strongest player on your side. You.

10. You don't have to respect adults who don't respect you.
Age does not equal respect. Like many qualities, just because someone has lived longer and seen more, it doesn't mean they are wiser or require any less respect than you. If they are rude to you (without warning or reason) you are completely justified in defending yourself.

11. A 'nosy' brain is a positive attribute to have
I have a nosy brain. My teachers and my parents have always said it. I have recently renamed this attribute to a 'curious brain'. I love absorbing information. But its a good thing.

12. Dogs are (by far) the best pet to own
I don't think much explanation needs to go into this lesson. Dogs are the best. They are forgiving, loving and you get what you give. Dogs over cats, any day.

13. Be patient with people (still in progress)
I am still learning this lesson. I mentioned earlier that I have a 'curious brain', therefore my thought process works at a million miles an hour. I move from task to task quickly. However, I have to remember that some people don't work like that. Sometimes I need to slow down and listen to what other people are saying.

14. Buying people gifts is the best feeling in the world
I learnt this lesson years ago. I love buying presents. If I was a millionaire tomorrow, I would still spend the majority of it on my friends and family. At Christmas, I make sure that I get everything at least a little something. This is very contradictory, but I am also a strong believer that mone does not equal love. I would rather take a day spent with someone over them giving me money. However, at Christmas, birthdays and other special occasions. I feel that a box of chocolates, some flowers in the post or even just a card, shows that you are thinking about that person.

15. 'Stay close to the people who feel like sunshine'
I couldn't find the original owner of this quote but I love it. If a person makes you feel good about yourself, happy and motivates you to be a better person, they are a keeper. I think that you are meant to meet certain people. I think that some people are meant to leave your life and come back into it. You're 'sunshine' doesn't have to stay the same.

16. Education is one of the most important things
I have always loved school. I loved learning and absorbing new information. When I was growing up, I took on the deminer of 'hating school' because everyone else did. But as I got older, I realised that it wasn't 'cool' to hate school. Learning was fun and interesting. I could choose what to learn about. Education would take me places and my brain was another extremely important organ in my body that I had to take care of.

17. Disney films aren't just for children
Almost all my favourite films are Disney films. To be fair, I never really thought Disney films weren't just for children. But when people say that too me, I will ever defend my love for Mulan, Alice in Wonderland and The Little Mermaid.

18. Water. Water. Water.
I told you some of these lessons would be common knowledge.  I feel like we are told as children that we have to drink loads of water and I, for one, completely ignored this for a long time. Yes, I would occasionally have a glass or a bottle of water, but as I have gotten older I definitely don't take water for granted anymore. I am forever carrying a bottle of water in my bag.

19.  Sleep is the best, go to bed on time.
I honestly don't know why I ever complained about going to bed early as a child. Sleep is my best friend and always will be from now on. I am still struggling with going to bed on time and not sleeping in, but I will get there.

I bet you thought the last lesson was going to be deep and thought-provoking. No. It is literally me screaming at myself to stop replacing coffee for a meal or a drink. Just because coffee is a liquid does not mean it hydrates me and just because it is filling, does not mean it is a substitute for a meal. Asher, eat more, drink less coffee.

I hope you enjoyed my 20 lessons from 20 years of life. It was really relaxing writing this post because I felt like it was eye-opening for myself, to see how much I have changed over the years.
I will be posting on Wednesday as usual. Thank- you for reading!

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  1. I like this post a lot, well done

  2. Love this post! So interesting and informative x

    1. Thank you Ellie! Thank you for constant support!❤️

  3. YESSSSS ASHER THESE ARE AMAZING!!!!! I completely agree with each of these points but im guilty for not doing some of them *cough* water *cough*. With time, both of us will perfect these hopefully. The start early one just motivated me to go do some school rather than take book pictures, so thank you. ��❤️

    1. Thank you so much! Yes we hopefully will! Thank you for your constant support ❤️

  4. Love your Post So informative <3

  5. Yassss! This post is one of my favourites& I agree with what you say keep it up! ⭐️

  6. Well done! Keep on writing


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