The perks of an Electric Water Flosser

Sunday 27 May 2018

What on earth is an Electric Water Flosser?

I had never heard of an Electric Water Flosser either until my mother told me to get one!  Taking care of my teeth has always been a priority of mine and I feel like it should be for many people. And if you think about Electric water flosser kind of makes sense. There are electric toothbrushes and most people argue that it's actually better than a manual one. So it was only evitable that I was going to come across an Electric Water Flosser.

So basically, this is how the product works...

It's very simple and easy, you put water in the container in the back of the product and fill it up about halfway. The electric water flosser that I use is called the 'Oral Irrigator' and is made my Hangsun. It came with a handy travel case and even came fully charged! The only thing I will say about this Electric Water Flosser is that the plug to charge it will need an adapter if you live in England or don't have a shaver outlet in your house. However, grabbing an adapter from Amazon is really cheap, easy and is a small price to pay for healthier teeth!

I drink a lot of coffee and I am always worried about it staining my teeth!

However, this water flosser comes with three different settings that have put my coffee drinking worries at ease. There is normal setting, where the water sprays out really fast and is perfect for busting all the grime that forms on your teeth throughout the day. If I have more than two cups of s coffee throughout my day, I will use this setting when I get home, however, I would say that my favourite setting is the Pulse. This allows the product to have an auto timer for two minutes, which I feel is a good time allotment for flossing. And finally, there is a soft setting for everyone with sensitive teeth. 

The perks of using an Electric Water Flosser:

  • It's so quiet! - I am always worried about waking up my housemates when hoovering or using the washing machine early in the morning. However, when I brush my teeth at night and then go to use my Electric Water Flosser, I don't have to worry about making too much noise.
  • It's waterproof -  I don't know if this is an obvious point, but the product is waterproof. I keep mine on right on the edge of my sink next to my toothbrush and I don't have to worry about it breaking.
  • It's so so powerful - When you first use it, it can be a bit scary because it is so powerful. But after using it a couple times, you get used too it and you really start feeling the effects.
  • It improves your gum health - I find it way more effective than traditional floss! I also don't have to keep buying a disposable product which I just end up finishing and throwing away.  
  • It comes with spare nozzles and a travel case!  - This isn't a product where you need to keep buying spare parts for it. It comes with a spare nozzle (the bit at the top which you put in between your teeth) and a travel case! You can take it with you anywhere!
If you want to pick up your very own Water Flosser you can pick one up: Here
And I would highly recommend it! Whether it be mental or physical, self-care is so important. Even though your teeth are maybe something you don't think about often, they are definitely a part of your body you should take a lot of care of.
Do your teethy-pegs a favour!

✶This is sponsored content but all opinions are my own. 

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  1. Good girl looking after your teeth, you know your mumma, she has everything in her cupboards. If I didn’t have one I would buy one, very good product. Love you,your mumma.x

  2. Teeth are so important. I usually forget about them

    1. Thank you! Yeah me too! They are super important though.

  3. Good post, a great reminder that dental health is so important! x

  4. Dental health is so important, its great to see they're making new innovations in the field, can't wait to buy one! Worst case I use it as a water pistol ;)

  5. Oh this is awesome info! I have had such problems with my teeth, this might actually be a great option for me. I also drink tons of coffee too!

    1. I drink WAY too much coffee and my main concern is about it staining my teeth! Thank you Blyss x

  6. I never heard of a water flosser before!!!!! This seems really good, i cannot go to sleep without flossing my teeth & i can see why this would be really helpful! I’m glad you tried it out!


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