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Tuesday 12 June 2018

What does Self-love have to do with blogging? And why are we talking about it on this fine Wednesday? 

I have really wanted to discuss something this week which has been playing on my mind for a while. Self-love. I am a massive preacher for self-care. Remembering to eat three balanced meals a day, exercising regularly and using the creative side of your brain as well as your academic side - are usually subjects I talk about. But recently, the concept of self-love has become an important practice in my daily life. There are plenty of misconceptions when it comes to the idea of self-love. 

First of all - 
Self-love starts from the inside. You do not, repeat do not have to be completely in love with every aspect of your body or shape. Personally, I have always been small, I am 4ft 11in and I have always ranged from a size 4-8 (and sometimes teen sizes) in clothes. No matter what size you are, how tall you are or how 'pretty' everyone tells you are, sometimes you just aren't going to like yourself. However, your personality is what makes you, you. Everything else is just numbers.  Confidence is key. Have confidence in yourself, without sounding cliche, there is only one you. Have confidence in your brain, your knowledge, what you like and dislike. Self-love is not about loving every aspect of yourself straight away. It's about learning to be content with yourself inside and then finally, out. 

Second of all - 

To quote Paramore, 'fall in love with yourself, because one day, you are going to be the only one you've got'.  I have always had a  strong-willed personality. When all the people around me started smoking, I made a promise to my father that I would never pick up the habit. And to this day, a cigarette has never passed my lips. When I was younger, I became obsessed with the idea of going to university and although in the weeks leading up to leaving my family home, I cried every day. I still went and I am currently the happiest I have been in a while. I love my course, I love where I live and I am now even more sure of myself. Basically, what I am saying is - trust your younger self, find out what person you want to be and go for it. Self-love is also about believing in what you can achieve.

*This is not my photo

Third of all - 

This point sounds contradictory to my first one, however, I feel like it's important to mention. Take photos of yourself. Since this concept of a 'selfie' came out, I feel like it has been labelled as 'self-obsessed' and 'vain'. However, I am here to tell you, it's not. It's okay to take a photo of your face. It's okay, to like your make up and outfit one day. To enjoy a day living in your own skin and wanting to document that. It's okay to like how you look sometimes. There is a difference between someone who thinks the whole world revolves around their feelings and someone who is enjoying how they appear.  Social media has always been like a second home to me, I have always enjoyed taking arty photos and posting them on Instagram. And for the most part, I didn't hate being in photos. But when I reached about 16 years old and my body started to change and grow (even though I am definitely still the same height), I found it harder and harder to like having my photo taken. I could only see the flaws in my self. When I moved to university, I met my best friend. Someone I trust to take my photos, who gets even more enthusiastic about how I look in the photos than me. 

Now, I know this might sound like a petty, millennial problem but if you don't love how you look on a screen or even in the mirror than you will never be truly happy with the skin you are living in. 

Finally - 

Don't tear people down whilst they are on their journey to self-love. This is definitely the most important. For all those people who are only now just find themselves. Who have started feeling happy with who they are, whether it be their mental or physical state. This post is for you. 

I am still finding myself. I am twenty years old and I am only now finally starting to realise that maybe...I don't know everything? I know right, strange. But what I do know, is that I have a brain that is willing to learn and finally I am starting to realise that I need to be happy with who I am. And having confidence in the choices I make is extremely important.

I hope this message has helped spread some positivity into your Wednesday and as always, I would love to hear your opinions!

What song was I listening too whilst writing this: Build Me Up Buttercup - The Foundations

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  1. 😭💖 Why do you always post exactly what I need to read?!

  2. Love everything you said here! 💕

  3. Sweet post, an important topic and I’m glad you’re so happy! ✨❤️

  4. You know me Asher, all about positivity... what lesson was it every day in our house whilst you were growing every 1 negative you spoke about you had to then say some positives.... you used to hate me for that!! Good advice.... love you... your amazingly positive mumma... self love...

  5. Fab post as always! It's so important to love yourself and spread the positivity :) xx

    Faye | Female Original

  6. I love self care topics, and self love is an important one that I struggle with. I don't like to have pictures taken me- definitely something I need to work on.


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