My Summer Goals

Sunday 3 June 2018

Summer is nearly here!

All my deadlines are done, my university has broken up and my dissertation research is underway. When it comes to this time of year, I begin to plan my summer break. All universities are different, but for me, my summer break is about three months. Personally, I think three months is a while and I want to achieve some of my own personal goals in that time.

My Summer goals for 2018

  • Goal 1 - Write more! - Recently I have been feeling really inspired to write. I write a lot for my degree but usually, it has to stick to a rigid mark scheme so I get a good grade.  I want to write for me in summer. I want a passion project this summer that I love and I feel the need to finish. So please writing God's, give me a good idea!
  • Goal 2 - Begin posting three times a week - This is going to be a tricky one, but I am prepared. It is going to take a lot of planning and attention to detail. But I want to post three times a week in summer instead of posting twice. 
  • Goal 3 - Get another tattoo - The addiction has begun. I want another one but I want to spend the summer thinking and planning what it is going to be.
  • Goal 4 - Patch up some old friendships - Something I find really difficult is to become friends with people again after I have cut them out of my life. I tend to block people often without giving them a second chance, which is sometimes one of the best parts of my personality. But sometimes, it really isn't. 
  • Goal 5 - Fall in love with my work - I am my own biggest critic and I don't want to do that anymore. 
  • Goal 6 - Take more photos! - I want to make more memories this summer and take more photos to remember them.
  • Goal 7 - Enjoy my summer! - No stress, all love and fun. 

It is so important to set yourself personal goals that you can achieve and know that even if you don't fully achieve them, you tried. You don't have to beat yourself up for trying to be a better version of yourself. Change takes time. 
Here is to a good summer, may you achieve all your goals and have a good time doing it! 

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  1. Good goals honey. Love you... your mumma x

  2. good post as always

  3. Lovely list and hope you have a very enjoyable summer! x

  4. I completely relate to being your own biggest critic! I might set that as one of my summer goals too!

  5. I like this post I will be setting my own summer goals

  6. I also have several of the same goals! I think goals are CRUCIAL for success to creating your dream life! Goals+Action=SUCCESS ������#blyssyourheart

  7. Ahhh we're so alike! I have a couple of the same goals & hopefully we stick to making them work! I can't wait to see how your summer goes!


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