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Saturday 16 June 2018

'My goal is to fall in love with who I am everyday'

Hello, it's me again. I loved writing my 'A note on Self-care' blog post and the number of messages I received about how much it had helped certain people make me want to write more. So I have decided to start a 'Positivity' series. Every few posts, I will be sharing one which will be titled 'A note on...' and it will be an extremely positive post. It helps me a lot writing out how I am feeling about certain things and I was so delighted to hear that it helped other too. 

Let's begin...

Winter Body
Summer Body
My Body

Summer Body?

First off, there is no such thing as a 'Summer body'. The number of times I hear people in these summer months say 'I am not summer body ready' is crazy. There is a difference between wanting to keep fit and healthy, compared to thinking you need to be 'skinnier' for summer is ridiculous. It is medically proven that you put on weight when the months become colder (and in England, that's 9 months of the year) because of your body storing more fat to keep you warm (that probably isn't proper science). And it's completely okay to want to work on yourself. Please ignore all the adverts for razors, weight loss tablets and online bikini shops, that claim you 'need to get ready for summer'.  It's completely okay to want to feel more confident in summer. But it is also completely okay to love your current body in whatever weather it is at the moment. And it is nobodies right to comment on that. 

Men's body positivity is important too

Can we stop pretending that women are the only ones affected by body positivity? Men are equally as bombarded with the image of a 'perfect man'. You know the ones? The six-pack, muscley, scantily clad man who fill the screens. Yes okay, it is to a lesser extent than what women have to put with in regards to the media. But let's not forget men when it comes to body positivity.

'Don't let anyone shame you for loving yourself, you crawled and scraped your way out of self-hatred. It is still under your nails, you have earned this' - P.C

Losing weight does not cure a negative body image. Let's get that straight. You can be a size six and not be happy. You can be a size ten and not be happy. You can be a size eighteen not be happy. Everyone is completely different. It's about loving who you are. It's about being comfortable, positive, confident. If you don't like something about yourself, you either learn to love it in time or actively try and change it. Either is fine, but whatever you choose, let it be your choice. Your mental health is not a sacrifice to have a 'perfect body'. Spoiler - there is not perfect. 

I hope this post helps someone today. Your body is the house you grew up in, so don't try and burn it down. Let's get ready for summer, together. 

What I was listening to whilst writing this: Good as Hell - Lizzo

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  1. I love this! I'm a size 4-6 and always had my body image concerns dismissed because I was skinny so I loved how inclusive this post was! 💖

  2. I actually relate to this post a lot! ✨

  3. Love this post, relatable and I love your positivity x

  4. You are so right Asher, positivity is so important that’s why I have a tattoo on my arm, to remind me that positivity is the key to a very happy life..... keep spreading the word.... love you as always, your mumma.xx

  5. I loved this post! Very relateable!

    Sophie |


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