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Tuesday 20 November 2018

I have been going on a little journey recently, trying to work out what the best stuff to put on my face is and what is best to put inside my body. It all started a couple of months ago when I made the choice to switch out all my makeup with cruelty-free products. I am a meat eater and yes, I do enjoy cheese, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't explore into some more 'vegan' products. 

This week, I got sent a box by The Goodness Project (yes this post is sponsored) to try out some of their products. So for all my vegan students or even just people who want to try out something a little different, this post is for you.

Who are they?

They are a subscription box which has a selection of all the best vegan and gluten-free products around the world. I am not personally a vegan, but I always open to trying food that is better for me (especially sweet things). You can personalise your own box, which means you can pick and choose all your favourites to go into one package. So if there is anything that I really liked from this box, that you are thinking 'oh that doesn't sound like something I would like to eat', don't worry about it. 

The Goodness Project will also deliver this box right to your door as well, which means that you will no longer need to go to the shops. As a student, I find it hard to even think about planning what I am going to have for dinner, let alone, going to the shops regularly. So having a box that will magically appear at your door is literally the best thing ever!

Is it too early to be talking about Christmas? Because, they also offer an excellent selection of  Christmas gift for all your friends and family who are vegan, gluten-free or just health conscious. This is a gift someone will genuinely appreciate. Finding good food at normal food chains like Sainsbury or Lidls which is vegan, gluten-free and affordable is a really hard task. So having a well-priced and a good selection of these foods is such a great gift this Christmas.

Now you get a lot in this box so I won't be discussing all of the products. However, I will be looking at a few of my favourite because I have tried some items from here that I will definitely be incorporating into my daily meal/snack routine. 

Okay, this is all the things that came in the box: 
  • Gordon's Gin & Tonic
  • Active Nuts
  • Plantforce Synergy Protein pack
  • So Free vegan chocolate
  • Organica Coconut bar
  • The Primal Pantry Hazelnut and Cocoa
  • Deliciously Ella - Raspberry and Peanut butter energy balls
  • Red Lentil Fusilli Organic 

Gordon's Gin and Tonic 

Gin is something that has blown up this year. And something that is definitely on students mind during university (especially first year) is the number of calories in certain alcohols. For example, in one pint of Stella Artois, there are 227 calories. That is equivalent to a couple of slices of bread AND it has little to no nutritional value. Of course, I am not saying that beer is a no-go. Drink as much beer as you would like. However, if you want to switch it up for a more low-cal drink (that will probably get you drunker faster, talking to you Freshers), then this drink is a great buy.

So Free Chocolate

Okay, I am not a vegan. Therefore, I have never had to look for vegan chocolate. However, I know from a few of my vegan-y friends that finding good chocolate that they can eat is really difficult in mainstream food shops. However, The Goodness Project include one of these chocolate bars in almost all their boxes. And coming from a regular chocolate eater - this is such a good product. I ate this bar of chocolate alongside a cup of tea and I loved it. Also, you cannot tell the difference between this and a bar of dairy milk!

Organica Golden Coconut delight bar

Okay, so I really loved this coconut bar! But, I definitely feel this isn't for everyone. This Golden Coconut delight bar reminded me of a vegan Bounty bar, which is something not everyone would like. However, I found it delicious and it actually was, dare I say it, my favourite thing from this box.

Red Lentil Fusilli Organic 

I loved this product. Pasta is a win for everyone, no matter if you are a vegan, a vegetarian or a meat eater like me. Pasta is that type of food that you can serve at any time and someone will be up for eating it. This red lentil pasta was lovely. I know this sounds weird, but the red colour made the meal look really fun. It wasn't just me, eating pasta for the third time this week. It looked more gourmet if you will. Plus, it was really tasty.

Deliciously Ella - Peanut butter and Raspberry energy balls

These again, aren't for everyone. But again, I loved them. Peanut butter has to be, hands down, one of my favourite foods. But I understand that not everyone likes it. However, these made such a good snack for me to carry around and personally, I found them very tasty.

Thank you so much, for reading this post. I really enjoyed trying all of these different foods this week.  And for as a student, this box was super helpful. So tell all your vegan and non-vegan friends about it! 

Pick up your own Goodness Project box here!

*This post is sponsored but all opinions are my own.

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  1. yes, i love this post

  2. This sounds really interesting. I've been looking for subscription boxes like these where I can have new snacks etc delivered to my door to try instead of going out and buying a big packet, only for me to not like it. I'm also a meat eater but I have been cutting down in my meat a lot recently and this sounds like it would provide some good alternatives like nuts.
    I will be checking this out so thank you for talking about this!

  3. I loved this post and you're willingness to try new things, eapecially in relation to health-conscious eating. You make it good spokesperson too - honest and informative. Keep up the awesome work!

    1. Thank you Terran! Being honest is the best way to go x

  4. Definitely not too early to talk about christmas! I think gifting this subscription box would be a lovely gift. Love all the items that came in your box. Will be checking out The Goodness Project. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. Love the sound of the coconut bar and energy balls.

  6. Now I want to try that vegan chocolate! Wonder if they ship to Hawaii...

    1. I’m not sure but they I think they ship worldwide!!

  7. Wow this sounds really interesting. I have never given much thought to subscription boxes but this one sounds really cool.

    1. Thank you Hannah! Yeah I was really impressed by it!

  8. This box sounds great. I've heard of The Goodness Project before I think. I love lentil pasta x


  9. These products sound great! I have lots of vegan friends so I'll be sharing this post with them. Also I had no idea how many calories were in a pint of stella! :)

  10. Always looking to try new things, and this sounds great! Lovely post x

  11. Sounds lovely, in particular the chocolate and the red lentil pasta!

  12. The Peanut Butter and Raspberry energy balls sound so good! Great post X


  13. I absolutely love the So Free chocolate! It's my favourite!

    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan

  14. Aw this was a lovely post. I've been looking for new subscription boxes to review and this one seems right up my street. Thank you :)


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