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Sunday 4 November 2018

Months and Months ago, I did a blog post called 'What's in my bag?'. It was way back when I had first started blogging and I really enjoyed writing that post. But, But since then, many things have changed. I am now in the third year of my degree, therefore the contents of my bag have changed. I want to talk about a little emergency bag. Yes, that's right, a bag within a bag. Bag-ception, you could say. Anyway, I change my bag a lot. If I have to go to University and take my laptop, I will use my Longchamp bag but if I am only going into class for a few hours, I will use my little Fiorelli backpack. However, I have this trusty little bag, which will have all my essentials in. I can simply it out of one handbag and transfer it to the next. I will pretty much have everything I need. 
So this week, I wanted to write about what is actually inside of it. 
So let's get into it...

First off is my super cool Corgi pen. I do always carry a pen on me because you never know when you will need to write something down. However, this pen is actually new and I just wanted an excuse to show it off! 

Coffee is super important to me, so why wouldn't I carry around a card that actually rewards me for my addiction? It's just common sense. By the way, I have been collecting points for a good few months now and I actually haven't earnt a free coffee. I am a little disappointed. 

My headphones are a must-have. One of my favourite past times is listening to music. I get so excited when I find a new song that I love and I can listen to it when I walk. I used to just let them get tangled up at the bottom of the bag, but now I have this little emergency bag, I just let them get tangled up in there instead! 

I am a lipgloss addict. I don't know if this is just me but I have to put lipgloss on in the morning or else my lips will be a dry, cracked mess later in the day. I will forever have lip balm on me. Carmex is one of my favourites because it's super strong and smells great, but I am partial to most other brands. I have a theory - okay full disclosure, this isn't just my theory. I think I must have heard it from somewhere years ago. However, basically, it is my thought that lip balm companies make their products addictive on purpose. Hear me out. My lips are always dry, so I have to keep applying lip balm. However, the more I use it, the more I need it. What if lip balm companies are creating the problem that they are marketing to solve? Does that make sense? Anyway, back to regular programming. 

I am allergic to most things citrus. That's right. Lemon, orange, pineapple, literally anything with citrus in it. And do you know how many products secretly have a sprig of lemon juice or orange pulp in it? Spoiler: it's most things. Whenever I eat something that has those secret ingredients, I almost immediately break out in ulcers. So Bonjela has become a good friend to me over the years and I always carry some just in case.

Like many people, I like to smell nice, I'm pretty sure that is a common desire. Over the past three months, I have tried out a perfume subscription service. I had literally never heard of this before I started purchasing from Sniph Perfumes. But it was so simple and easy that I thought, why not? 
So how does it work, you may ask?
So basically, you hop onto their website and select a category that you think fits what signature scent would suit you most. The basic offers are, Female Classic, Clean, Avant Garde, Work/Play and Aesthetic. I consider myself quite feminine (depending on my mood...), so I went for the Female Classics option. So, you sign up with the scent you would like and it will appear at your door once a month. When you order with Sniph, you will get a pocket-sized container of perfume and, what looks like, a little lipstick holder. But, wait! It isn't for lipstick. You put the little perfume bottle inside of it and when you turn, much like a lipstick, it pops up! Am I explaining this clearly or not? I have put photos below! I have always found that with other, more cheaply made perfumes, the bottle can break or just leak. And for someone who usually carries a bottle of perfume on them, it can really ruin a bag. 

If you want to pick up your very own perfume subscription then you can, right here - Sniph!

Thank you so much for reading this post! To all my university students in third year, I hope you aren't too stressed. And to all my other readers, I hope everything is going perfectly for you too! Until next time...

*This is a sponsored post but all opinions are my own.

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  1. Lovely post Asher.... love you asher, your mumma.xx

  2. Another good post.

  3. Sweet post, I totally relate to the need to carry lip balm! x

  4. That main flatlay at the top is so damn nice.

    -Flatlay critic

  5. Love the bongela addition to this! Wisdom teeth pain means it's currently a must for me too!

  6. Lip balms are a big thing for me in the colder months. My lips get really dry so it's defineitly a bag essential. Hand cream is another too and headphones are always a must even all year around. It means I can listen to Christmas music early without anyone judging me!

  7. Lovely little bag, great idea!


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