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Tuesday 7 May 2019

Good morning, afternoon or evening. Good, whatever time you are reading this. We need to talk. No, this is not a breakup. I have been away for a while and I thought you deserved an explanation. 

I am back now.

I will try and keep it short-ish and sweet-ish because there are about a million posts about blogger's taking a break. Over the past few months, I learnt very quickly, that there is a good reason for this. Bloggers sometimes need a break. For most my internet friends, blogging is more than their hobby, it's their passion, their job and every so often, you need a holiday, a vacation if you will. Sometimes, other things take over. For me, that was my university work.   am happy to report, that taking a step back from blogging for a couple of months did result in me getting a first on my dissertation and finishing my book (stay tuned for more news on that). 

So what's next?

I have found new energy towards my blog. I have a head full of new, (hopefully) original ideas that I can't wait to write. I have got into contact with a whole load of new, exciting companies that I cannot wait to work with. I am back and I am ready. Thank you for the support that has been towards me and my writing online.

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  1. Glad you are back to blogging. Look forward to reading your coming posts x

  2. I'm also having a break from blogging. It can sometimes be overwhelming! I hope you'll be able to find great new ideas! XX

  3. Welcome back and congratulations on that First!
    Very excited to hear more about your book soon

  4. Congrats on your uni results! Looking forward to what you do next with your blog x


  5. Sometimes, we need a break and it's all good! That way, we spend time to recollect our thoughts and come back stronger! :)

    Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me


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