Truths about University Culture

Sunday 25 August 2019

Last night, I went to the pub and I noticed all the new, first-years around me in their Fresher's week. For all my Non-British readers, Freshers is a week where all the new university students go-to events and usually, they involve a lot of drinking and stumbling around their latest hometown.
As my university experience has officially wrapped up and I am packing the last of my belongings into my suitcase, I have really been thinking about what it means to be in higher education. Yes, it makes you more employable and yes, it makes you more qualified in your field. But really, what is university culture?

(Side-note: all the pictures of this post might seem random but they are actually photos of my lovely town in which I went to university)

There Are No '5-Minute Catch Ups'

There is no popping into your friend's room to see how they are. There is no quick chat whilst you make dinner. There is no going down to the pub for one drink only. I don't think a 5-minute conversation has ever occurred the whole time I have lived with my best friends - I always end up staying a few hours. 

 You Won't Remember What's Yours Anyway

When you first move into your 'spacious' university room, you want to make it nice and when you move out halls and into your student house with your friends, again, you want to make it nice. You buy all new plates, bowls, cutlery and mugs. You put up cute pictures and maybe, a couple of fairy lights. But I'll let you into a secret- No one remembers what's theirs when it comes to moving out.
Nobody remembers which plates they own and everybody thinks that one 'perfect' spoon is theirs. Your kitchen will be left with a couple of items which everyone swears they did not bring into the house and will probably end up being donated to the charity shop anyway. 

First-year doesn't count

I don't know if this is just England, but for us, the first year doesn't count. You simply need to pass it to get into the second year. So that means that a lot of lectures are attended half-heartedly. Usually, you turn up without a pen to take notes, still drunk from the night before or late because you just had to get a coffee prior to the lesson.

Your Planners and Diaries

Leading on from that, you will not, repeat, will not use a diary of a planner in the first year. Yes, I did the same. I bought a cute diary and covered it in cute pictures. I bought a plethora of coloured pens and highlighters. I got way too many notebooks and sticky notes and do you know what, I have finished university now and I still have the majority of them - unwritten in and unused.

Weird Habits 

I think developing weird habits is probably one of the most relatable things that happens whilst you are at university. However, your friends or housemates also pick up these habits and it isn't until you go back to your hometown that you realise that these new behaviours are actually quite strange.
It is not normal to nap at 11am or to make pancakes at midnight, that is unless you are at university. 

Your Milk & Bread

There is no milk or your bread, its everyone's milk and bread. Yes, someone will use the last of it and no, no-one will confess. But don't worry, that's what your loan is for - milk and bread.

Carry your university ID

You could go to your university every single day, attend every lecture and know every lecturer's name and life story. But somehow, the university guards will still need to see your ID and if you don't have it, you won't be allowed into the building you are spending nine grand a year on, just to attend.

Rent & The Library

Your student rent is extortionate but don't worry, you don't spend anytime there anyway. You live in the library.

All in all, going to university was the best decision I have ever made and it has been an honour to live in this beautiful town.
One final truth about University culture - All the friends you make, will be your friends for life.

Thank you for reading this post!

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  1. Thinking back to when I was a fresher now.

    We're getting old :(


  2. So relatable! A good post and so glad we met at University x

  3. It's very interesting to read this from other people's perspective haha! I graduated last year and my first year has been a few years ago now haha - I definitely did use my planner though! Especially cause I worked on the side and tried to fit in my blog, so planning it properly was a big deal for me ^^ And I guess first year doesn't count towards your degree, but it still acts as a good foundation I think. Maybe it depends on what course you do though I'm not sure :)

  4. My uni experience was sooo different to this on the whole. We didn't have uni guards either, you had to swipe your card to open the door so as long as someone you were with had one, it was fine. I miss those long kitchen chats though! Getting along with your flatmates or living with your close friends is the best x


    1. It really is! We had guards at our library doors but we also had cards! xx

  5. this post was so so funny. love it

    -Hannah xxxxx

  6. I definitely picked up some strange habits while I was in uni. My friends picked up all of my slang words which was one of my favourite things - by the end of the 3 years they were honorary scousers haha x

  7. I loved this post! I'm starting university next month so I'm super excited at the moment! Unfortunately for me, my first year actually does count since I'm doing dentistry :(
    Aleeha xXx

    1. Good Luck! You will love it. Thank you for your lovely comment x

  8. If I could go back in time and change the situations that stopped me from experiencing college dorm life I would. This is one of my only regrets. I enjoyed reading your experiences.

    1. Thank you! Dorms are okay, but living with your friends is so much better x

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