My Thoughts on: Comfort Zone

Friday 13 July 2018

Hello Hello...Do you have a Comfort Zone? I do.

It's summer and that calls for shorter shorts, smaller t-shirts and bikinis. And for some people, that might not be what they are comfortable with, me included.

I was talking to one of my friends recently about power colours and how hers is red (Hi Tam). I had never considered myself to have any power colours but since summer has rolled around, I found that actually maybe mine is black? I know that sounds strange and that black is not technically a colour ('s a shade) but I always feel more powerful when I am wearing black. 

There are a few reasons I like wearing black:

  •  I am extremely pale and I find that wearing all black minimizes that. 
  •  From a young teenager, I was always told black was more slimming.  
  • It makes me feel more powerful in general
  • I am super short and if I could feel a little more powerful, then I feel like it makes up for the height difference.

But I've gotten to a point where I no longer care. Since England has been going through this mini heat wave, I have found that wearing black is getting more and more uncomfortable. I can't promise that I won't return back to my big, black jumpers in winter. I just feel that now, in this heat, it's time for the more bright, vibrant colours to come out. 

I went outside my comfort zone and wore orange and guess what...not black accessories. I have always had this idea that I look ill in bright colours like pink, orange and yellow. But recently, I have really enjoyed wearing those colours and actually have had some compliments from them. 

I have plenty of other things I don't feel comfortable doing, but I am going to start working on them one by one. For example, at the beginning of taking my media and creative writing degree,  I was really uncomfortable writing short stories. I found it difficult to fit everything I wanted to say in 800 words or less. But I kept working on it until I loved what I was writing.  Because, spoiler, you set your own comfort zones. Yeah, I enjoy wearing black and only sticking to larger stories or poetry. But I don't have to do those things. I can change it up whenever I want and that's up to me. 

Everyone has completely different comfort zones but you will forever be stuck in them if you don't work on them. But your job as a human is to respond nicely to people that are trying to work on them. So, this summer, wear what you want. Whatever colour, whatever body shape you are, do what you want. Step outside your comfort zone. 

What song I was listening whilst writing this post: Shot Gun- George Ezra

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  1. Such a good post that I relate to, also love the George Ezra song you were listening to whilst writing it! x

  2. This post is so relatable

  3. LOVE this post I definitely relate x

  4. Well as you know as you have been home with me this summer, you have seen that I am trying a new style that seems to fit our little shapes more, not saying that your small frame is the same as mine but being shorter than most people a certain style fits us shorter people... so bring on the winter when I can wear these new items and styles and I do believe more striking colour ways.

    Life is learning, about ourselves, others and all kinds of other interesting things.... keep learning and evolving. Love you asher, your

  5. I love this! I've been doing the same thing recently as I only really wear blue, green, black or white, but I bought a pair of red trousers and have started accessorising with yellow and I'm so proud of myself!


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