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Sunday 1 July 2018

Hello...My name is Asher-Lee Tulip Downer and I have been part of a fostering family for many years.

These are my younger brothers - and they are adopted.
Disclaimer: This post is going to be heavily opinionated but it's not sponsored.

Since a young age, my parents have been foster carers. And since moving to, what I consider a city, I have found that fewer and fewer people actually know what fostering is. Instead of explaining to the copious amounts of people who aren't aware of fostering, I usually just say 'you know Tracey Beaker? The Dumping Ground? Yeah, it's like that'. But to be honest, I am getting bored with that explanation. So here we go, here is why I think fostering and becoming part of a foster/adoption family, is important. 

1. What is fostering? 

The definition of 'foster' is to raise a child, not from birth, that is not your own. A lot of people that have heard of adoption but not fostering and let me tell you - the world is lacking foster carers. 

2. Why not? 

My favourite saying the world is 'love without hesitation'  and I think that applies to every aspect of life. If you have the time, the money, the knowledge and the love, why would you not foster a child or children? There are always plenty of kids in need and there always will be. If you think that you can provide a home for some little lives, then why not? 

3. Charity starts at home

According to The UK fact-checking charity, there are currently 128,000 children in temporary accommodation across Great Britain and if you could prevent even one of those children from having to wonder where their next meal came from, you would. My friends always say that I'm a 'walking advert for fostering' and I am proud to be that way. Children are so important and there are plenty of children across England who are in need of help, love and care. 

4. My Brothers and adoption

Adoption definitely gets more limelight than fostering. Although it's hardly ever that I see an adoption advert, I definitely, definitely, definitely never see a fostering advert. My family fostered my brothers for a few years and after seeing how well they fit into my family, we decided that it was the best place for them. However, this doesn't always happen. Before my little brothers, we fostered a lot of other young adults and children. They all come with their own, separate problems and backstories. It isn't easy but the more time and attention you give an individual, the more their self-confidence builds and the more growth you see. Every person is important and every person is worth your time. 

I am sorry for this rant of a post. But I hope you will take the time to consider your very own situation.  Thank you to my parents who taught me to love without hesitation. For introducing me to wonderful new people and wonderful new ways to help every person I meet. 

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What song was I listening to whilst writing this: Here Comes The Sun - The Beatles 

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  2. yes, this was so important

  3. Well said Asher, there has been a massive increase in advertising for fostering lately mostly though for private companies not council fostering, as advertising costs them a lot of money, private fostering charges a lot of money to place a child... at the end of the day money makes money... it’s all a business which is sad within its self. Also when fostering having a supportive family helps. Love you, your mumma.

  4. Love this post, so well explained and heartfelt x


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