5 things I wish someone had told me before I started University

Wednesday 25 July 2018

'You can't start the next chapter of your life if you keep re-reading the last one' - Unknown

Where to begin? Are you going to university in September? Are you feeling stressed about it? Don't worry. I am here to offer you some, well-researched and well-experienced advice. The idea of moving away from home to study somewhere new is nothing less than daunting. But, I am hoping I can lighten that load a little by telling you five things that I really wish that I knew before I moved.

1. Halls/Dorms are gross

Okay, so for my first year of university, I lived in halls. This is common in the UK. Usually, if you are in the first year, you will be offered to live on campus so you can find your way around easily. And also, it helps you meet new people as well. However, what the university won't tell you is that halls are gross. I didn't enjoy my living situation that much in the first year, but I know a lot of people that loved living in halls. It just wasn't for me. However, halls are a bit disgusting. Face it, you are living with strangers who, for the most part, aren't going to be at the same level of cleanliness as you. People have different ideas of what clean is. But more than that, halls have been rented out to many students prior to you, therefore they aren't going to be the cleanest or the tidiest. There will be mould, there will be broken furniture and you will definitely have to call the university maintenance at some point.  Although, I have met some of my best friends through either living with them in halls or being extremely accessible by being on campus. Halls are a good idea if you are just moving down but just have high expectations.   

2. You do not to pack everything

During my first year, I had a rather small room. I already had a roundabout idea about size my room and what I would be able to fit in it, as I had already been to an open day and looked around the dorms. However, this didn't stop me from packing so much unnecessary stuff that I really didn't need. It left my room feeling crowded and although it was tidy most of the time, it always felt messy. So my advice, if you don't use it now, you won't use it when you leave. 

3. A first aid kit is so important

In both my first year and my second year, I have always had a first aid kit handy and I have used it a number of times. I know this sounds like a super boring piece of advice, but during your first year of university, you will be drunk most of the time. Do you know how many times my first aid kit has helped me or anyone else for that matter? Honestly, I know it sounds boring, but those plasters and paracetamol will definitely come in handy. 

*This is not my photo

4. Who you live within your Second Year/Third Year is key

In your second year, things begin to get serious. The first year is all about making friends and getting drunk. You merely need to pass to get into the next year (at least in England that's how it works). But the second year is when grades start to count and you get to choose who you live with. Although you may love the people you party and get drunk with, in my advice, it's always better to live with people who you work well with. Hanging out with people who are as serious about their degree as you are, are the right sort of people to live with. 

5.  Pre-drinks will save your wallet. 

This is going to be short and sweet. Drink as much as you can at home. Drinks out are so expensive and you are a student now, you have rent, books and food to pay for you. Pre-drinks are the best. 

I hope this helped you at least one worried fresher! I know the concept of University is scary, but you will be fine. You can do this! 

What I was listening to whilst writing this: Ain't no mountain high enough - Marvin Gaye

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  1. I like this post having a first aid kit is very important 😂❤️

  2. this is a really important post

  3. So relatable! Well written post. I’m so glad we met in halls. Proud of how far you have come x

  4. Aw you are a woman after my own heart... always be prepared... my first aid kit in the boot of my car has been used a massive amount of times.
    Very very good advice Asher, I like this practical post, hopefully new students will take notice, but the uni does provide a vast list for must haves in your first year, maybe this needs to be made more realistic as new students will do the same and buty loads of new items that they don’t need in halls.

    Love ya.... your mumma.xx


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