A Quick Coffee Review

Sunday 15 July 2018

'May your coffee kick in before your reality does'

Happy Sunday my little coffee beans! I know what you are thinking...it's hot, it's sunny, why are you talking about a hot drink? Well for all my coffee enthusiasts, this post is for you.

For anyone that knows me, they would know that coffee is not only a necessity in my life but I can't actually function throughout the day without having my morning cup of coffee. I love coffee. I was sent some samples from Singl Coffee this week and I am completely in love, to say the least. So let's start with a little background information on this company.

Who are they?

Singl Coffee is all about selling coffee at affordable prices which is better quality than all the instant brands floating around at the moment. The owner of the company put a lot of thought into the actual beans and the bags which make up this product as many large companies (I won't name names) wouldn't give them any information about what they use to make their drinks, as it wasn't much better than the other, cheaper instant coffee. So they saw a gap in the market for some good quality, low-cost coffee which was simple to make. For seven bags of good, quality coffee it is only £7.50. That is so much cheaper than buying a coffee every day at your local Starbucks or Costa.

How To Make The Coffee

When I first heard about Singl Coffee, I thought it was going to be complicated to make. I thought I would need a brewing pot or a coffee press. But when I received the package, it came with handy instructions about how to simply make a cup of coffee using the handy, single bagged serving, hence the name 'Singl coffee'. The actual contents of the sachet is a bag full of coffee, very similar to a tea bag but bigger. You simply put it in your favourite mug, fill it with hot water and let it sit for about 3-4 minutes depending on how strong you would like it (I left it in for four minutes). It's super easy really!

My Thoughts On The Coffee

You may be thinking, your opinion is biased because you already love coffee. But it wasn't just me that tried it. I let my mum try it. And as all children know, their mum's opinion is the most valid. My mum does like coffee but nowhere near as much as I love it. She also only drinks decaf, luckily Singl Coffee was kind enough to include both decaf and regular so we could both try them! 
First, I tried it. And as expected, I loved it. It smelt amazing. Currently, I tend to drink Nescafe when I am at university and when I am at home, my parents tend to buy Carte Noire. I live for the smell of fresh coffee in the morning and believe me, this coffee offers that! So in short, my mum loved it. Once the word was out in my house, that the Singl Coffee I had received was really, really good, everyone wanted to try it. My dad tried some and so did my best friend and to say the least, it was definitely a big hit in my household.

The only thing I will say is, this coffee is not for the faint-hearted. You can leave the bag in for less time to avoid it being strong, but even then it is quite a strong cup of co. I really enjoyed it and personally feel your money would be better spent at Singl Coffee compared too spending it at your local coffee shop every morning. 

What I was listening to whilst I wrote this post: LA Devotee - Panic! At The Disco

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  1. It was lovely coffee, would definitely buy this.
    Highly recommended by Asher’s mummy.

  2. Yes, i love coffee and I am always looking for a good quality one. good post.

  3. Yessss I really liked this coffee also good post✨

  4. Interesting and well written post x


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