#1 FTSS - A Blissful Breakfast

Friday 10 August 2018

A Blissful Breakfast

Welcome to my new series! I will be posting a quick and cheap meal idea or recipe every Friday for all my students or just people who are in a rush! Being a student and feeding yourself can be difficult. Whether that be because of time or just that buy fresh and healthy food is really expensive. I find breakfast really difficult, as it's usually before my lectures and I don't give myself tonnes of time to eat as I value sleep too much. 

Are you in a rush in the morning? Does your breakfast suffer because you don't physically have time to make food before running out the door? Well hopefully, I have a solution.
So here is not one...but two things I prepare for my quick and cheap breakfast.

First: A Tropical Smoothie

I know what you are thinking...a smoothie? I don't have time to chop fruit and blend up a smoothie in the morning. And also, there is no way I have the money for a bunch of tropical fruit. But hear me out...

What you need to make this: 

  • One portion of tropical fruit mix - You can pick these up for £1.99 from Lidl or £2.30
  • Half a glass of water
  • A few teaspoons of Honey 
The total price of snack - £2-3

Why would I have a smoothie in the morning? 

I usually have a smoothie because I struggle to have my five a day throughout the rest of my busy day. This smoothie contains at least two portions of fruit and it is definitely packed in with lots of energy. I think its a create, easy and cheap way to start the day.

Second: Peanut Butter and Apple

I have been told this is a weird combination and snack, but let me tell you if you like peanut butter and need a good, healthy snack for the morning than apple dipped in peanut butter is what you have been looking for.

What you need to make this:

  • One, sliced apple 59p-£1.60 
  • A dollop of Peanut butter 99p-£2.99 

Paired with the fruity smoothie, this light but energy full breakfast covers at least three of your five a day and helps you towards a more productive morning. I only have a small breakfast as I find it hard to eat so early in the morning, however, if this doesn't appear filling enough for you then you could always add a breakfast bar or a slice of toast as well. 

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my first post in my new series! Stay tuned every Friday for cheap and easy meals and ideas! 

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