Making Your University Room A Home

Wednesday 15 August 2018

'The magic thing about home is that it feels good to leave, and it feels even better to come back ' - Wendy Wunder 

Are you leaving for university in September? Are you feeling a bit panicked? 

In a post I wrote the other day, '5 Things I Wished Someone Had Told Me Before I Had Started University', I spoke about not packing everything you own when you move. Your University room isn't going to be that big and you need to choose carefully what you take. In my first year, I made the mistake of hardly having any decorative items in my room. Overall, it made my little dorm room feel sad and I didn't feel at home because of it. You have to remember that you will be staying in that room for a long period of time and it has to be full of a nice, comfortable energy that will, in turn, make it an enjoyable place to work and feel good.

So here are a few things that I felt has made my university room a home in my second year:


Something I did actually decorate my room within the first year was photos. I carried this over into my second year as well. Having photos of my family and friends all around my room definitely made the space feel more like it was mine.  I am a bit of a photo fanatic and I have always loved getting photos from my iPhone printed out. Occasionally, I will frame them and other times, I will simply use a bit of string and hang them using pegs. 

Wall Art

Wall art is a tricky one. Some students places don't allow you to put it on the walls as they might damage it. However, recently I was shown 'Under Lucky Stars', which is a personalized star map company that will do a print of the stars above you at a certain time and location. Personally, I got one of my home (where I live when I am not at university), so whenever I was feeling homesick, I could just look at my 'Under Lucky Stars' print of the stars above my home and feel a little better. The print from 'Under Lucky Stars' is really good quality and you even have the choice to mount it, so it already comes in a frame. Personally, I prop it up against the wall above my desk. It is definitely a statement piece for my room and the fact that it's personalised to feature my home, really makes the space around me feel cosier. 


Whether they are real or fake, I have always thought that having plants present in your room always makes it feel a little more homely. In my first year, I had all real and alive plants. But as I started to get to know my surroundings, I started to spend more and more time out of the house. So eventually, most of them died. In my second year, I have solely stuck to cacti and plastic ( but realistic) plants. But having some greenery in my room has really made more like home. 

I really hope this helps all my worried freshers and all my readers moving from halls into their own little house. Remember to own your space, it is yours and you deserve to feel like you belong there. Add photos, plants and cover your space in wall art - make your room a place you are happy to come home too. 
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  1. Sweet post and I love that star print! x

  2. Lovely post love, love the Winnie the Pooh quote at the end. Love you, your super proud mumma.xx

  3. This is fab! Fortunately, for my first year of college I lived in with a family, so my room was kinda homely with rugs and whatnot, however, moving into a proper student house in 2nd year was daunting. I had so many photos up, and even had a little cactus as well as some roses from my best friend! I'm loving the under the stars picture, really wanna get one!

    1. Thank you Khloe! Yeah, my first room was awful and it got messy so often! but I am loving my second room a lot. x


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