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Sunday 12 August 2018

'The best relationships usually begin unexpectedly'

Hello hello. I hope you are well. I really starting to like this positivity posts that I have been doing weekly. It makes me feel good writing them and I get so many messages a week saying that others have enjoyed them too. Thank you for the ongoing support.  This week, I have decided to tackle the subject of relationships.

I want to broaden the topic of relationships in this post. Yes, a relationship is and can be between you and a significant other. However, I also want to talk about your relationships with your friends, your parents, even your pets. More often than not, relationships, in regards to your partner, are spoken about as having to be 50/50. You have to put in as much effort as you receive. Which, whilst being good advice, I think every relationship should be 50/50. There is no relationship in your life which will work out if you don't give as much as you get from it.

'Kiss your friend's faces more / destroy the belief that intimacy must be reserved for monogamous relationships / be more loving / embrace platonic intimacy' (Lora Mathis) 

All relationships are tricky. You don't always get along with your friends, parents or partners. The idea of a relationship should not always be about romance. It should be about trust, no matter who it is with. With trust comes the idea of vulnerability.  When people say that 'they find it hard to trust someone else' it generally means that they are afraid to be vulnerable. But if you can't break down that wall for at least one person, parent, partner or friend, then you will end up isolating yourself. Not every person is the same, not every person will hurt you. But its all about weeding out the ones that will.

And finally, a relationship is between you and one other person. Again, and I feel the need to keep repeating this...This is the same with all relationships. When you develop a relationship with someone, no matter what the nature of that relationship is, it is solely between you and that person, unless you want it otherwise.  If you are with a partner, it is no-one else's business what is happening between you two. And it is the same for the relationship between you and your parent, you and your friend and even you and your dog. In this day and age, when social media is huge, it becomes easy to find out little details about everybody's various relationships. However, think about privacy and how it wouldn't be fun to have your very own relationships invaded.

I loved writing this post and I really hoped you enjoyed reading it. Have a super good week.

What I was listening to whilst I wrote this: I Love You, Honeybear- Father John Misty

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