My Thoughts on: Social Media

Sunday 26 August 2018

     'Do more things that make you forget to look at your phone'

Okay, lets me preface this by saying, I am an avid social media user. I love social media. I am an Instagram addict, I have a Tumblr account, I am active on Facebook and I am partial to Twitter. 
I do a lot of work on my phone, I communicate a lot through social media and all around, I feel that platforms like Facebook and Instagram are good when you need to keep in contact with people

But, because I do use social media a lot, it means that I tend to get very...involved with it. For example, I do see things that affect me. Eg. Thin models, people with problematic opinions or just general hate speech. But I have started to this thing, where I don't get angry or bitter, I get better.  I have started to unfriend, unfollow and block people who don't brighten my feed every day. I have started to share more things (especially on Facebook) that I feel are correct. I have begun to share content about self-love, happy relationships and just general love. I have even started a facebook page dedicated to my positive blog posts and constructive quotes (follow it here ). I felt like my feed needed a little more light.

I feel like my second point should be about actually putting your phone done once in a while, stepping back from all social media and just spending time with friends and family. I love taking photos and I feel that creating memories that you can physically go back and look at is really important for anyone. But there is a time and a place for photos. This sounds really cliche but 'you have to live in the moment' sometimes. 

Although I use social media a lot, I am not someone who posts every second of their day. But being a blogger means I do have to put a large portion of my day-to-day life on social media. However, I do love just spending time with people and not having to post it everywhere. 

So take a second before you leave the house and just think - do I need to take my phone today.

*This is not my photo

What I was listening to whilst I wrote this: Body Count - Jessie Reyez

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  1. It's good to make your feed a positive place to look at! No one wants a feed that makes you down. Great post! xx

  2. Love the post, well all of the positive posts of yours just lately..... keep shining sweetie..... love you from your mumma.x

  3. Great post, I like your positivity outlook x

  4. Love this post! It can be difficult to put your phone down especially when you're a blogger but it's so important to every now and then xx

  5. This is a fabulous read, Ash! I'm doing something very similar in that I'm clearing out my social media platforms. I guess it would be quicker to go through my following/ friend list but I literally just do it as I'm going along. I'm definitely gonna take on the tip of sharing more beliefs etc ! x


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