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Wednesday 5 September 2018

'You are my sunshine on a rainy day'

As much as going on a date can be a fun and bonding time for you and your other half (or even you and your friends). When you are trying to save your pennies, sometimes an expensive night out isn't always on the cards. When I say date I mean both in the literal sense of a date with your partner and also, I mean, a night/ day out with your friends.

I have compiled a little list of ideas that I put into practice often when it comes to dates!

Go for a Coffee

As an avid coffee drinker (maybe even a coffee addict?), the idea of just popping down to my local coffee shop and grabbing a hot drink sound very appealing to me. Especially considering that it's starting to get colder now, I feel that majority of bonding can be done over a hot cup of coffee.

Have a Homemade Dinner 

This is definitely one of the best and cheapest ideas for couples and friends on a budget.  Instead of spending loads of money out at a restaurant, why don't you use what's in your cupboards or freezer and cook up a lovely dinner at home? Light a candle and bottle of wine and have your very own date night right at home. You could even order some flowers as a surprise for your other half. 

When ordering flowers there isn't always the guarantee that they will be fresh or last that long once they arrive at their destination. However, recently I got sent some flowers from Prestige Flowers, which were beautiful. What's different about Prestige Flowers, is that they do next day delivery if you order before 9pm, which is a really large window to order your flowers in. I know that I always forget about upcoming birthdays and being able to order flowers as a gift that close to the date would really save me some time. Also, when you send a bunch of flowers from Prestige Flowers, they give you a free box of chocolates with it. Which just adds that a little more of a personal feeling to your flowery gift. I love sending flowers in the post and being able to do it for as little as £19.99 (not including postage) sounds really good to a poor student like myself. They make an adorable date gift, especially if you have saved so much by making dinner at home!

Organise a game night

This is a perfect idea for a double date or even just a good, inexpensive night together with your friends. Organise a game night and have a group of people come round to play or just have a good, one-on-one night with your partner. I always find that a good game of Monopoly is a great way to bond, argue and fight until eventually you all give up and go to bed, but it is definitely something to laugh about in the future. Remember, making memories with your close friends or other half doesn't always have to involve money.

(Bit of a strange one) Go Thrift shopping together

I don't know if this is just me, but I love thrift shopping. I feel like you will get to know the most about someone when you go from charity shop to charity shop with them. Also, this date idea is absolutely perfect for students. With limited money, the idea of snagging a bargain whilst also being on a date sounds really good too me! As a creative writing student, I am a little bit (actually a massive...) bookworm. I love reading. I feel what people like to read can really tell you a lot about them as a person and as I buy most my books second hand from charity shops, it sounds like an amazing date idea to go thrift shopping.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post! I hope it helps you in your dating life or just your friendships in general. I feel that making time for a date and even saving money for a date can be super hard. But I also feel that it's really important. Whether it's a date with a bunch of friends or even just with your other half, you should really make time for all the important people in your life. 

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What song I was listening too whilst I wrote this: Home - Gabrielle Aplin

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  1. the flowers are cute

  2. Lovely post darling..... look forward to receiving my flowers... best get ordering before 9pm!! Love you your mumma.x

  3. Really lovely ideas and beautiful photos of the flowers x

  4. I love the thrift- shopping idea, I would never have thought of it, despite being a massive lover of charity shopping for books! The making dinner at home is a great one too, especially if your gonna use the making dinner part as part of the date, it's a nice bonding exercise to cook together!


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