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Sunday 30 September 2018

Welcome my little rays of sunshine! Guess what? We are starting a podcast!

Who are 'we'? - You might be asking. Well, Katie (who is also a blogger and you should check her out because she's excellent) and I are bored of putting all our time into university work and as we pretty much spend all our time together anyway, we thought this would be a grand opportunity to actually do something productive. 

Check out her blog here!  

So anyway, we are extremely excited to introduce our podcast 'A Coffee and A Cry'. If you don't know how Katie and I became friends or what our friendship is like, then you can read my 'A Note On...Adult Friendships' (click here) but basically, it centres around drinking way too much coffee and crying. Thus 'A Coffee and A Cry' was born. 

Where can I find the podcasts?

After much discussion about where the podcasts should be situated, we have both decided that it will be living on Katie's blog. There will be a new one every Friday and on every one of my Sunday posts, there will be a link at the bottom to the latest. I am so so excited!

What will you be talking about?

Anything and everything basically. Katie and I don't want to limit ourselves topic-wise! We talk for England anyway, so we might as well record it. The only problem is, we sound exactly the same and we talk over each other a lot. So, starting a podcast is definitely a good idea but also definitely a crazy idea!

Where ever you see it, that's where we will be...

We are both so excited to co-host this new adventure together and we hope you will join us along for the ride. Thank you so much for your on-going support, my little rays of sunshine!

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  2. Love your logo! Hope the podcast goes awesomely (I know it will) xx


  3. Exciting! Hope it goes well. Cute logo x

  4. Just been listening, you both do sound different, Katie has more of a husky voice, with less country twang!! Love mumma.xx

  5. Looking forward to watching your new adventures into the podcast world!
    Good luck!

  6. Yess I’m happy for you guys it’s gonna be great! x

  7. Yay! I'm so excited for people to hear us! Its going to be so much fun guys - thanks for all the love x
    Listen to the first weeks podcast here: https://www.iamnotapoet.net/podcast

  8. That sounds interesting!


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