My Annoying Habits

Wednesday 26 September 2018

Do you have habits that really annoy you or really annoy other people? I do. I definitely, definitely do.  I was really excited to write this blog post because I am sure most of my friends were looking forward to me owning up to all my annoying habits. But now, sitting here, writing it, I am have found that actually most my habits annoy even me. 

I leave my rings EVERYWHERE

Like most girls in England, I buy my rings from Primark. Meaning they are cheap and they usually turn my fingers green over time. However, for the first like two weeks of wearing said rings, they look pretty good. Although at the end of the day, they are super cheap and I class them as 'throw away items' meaning, they are easy to replace. So, I tend to leave them everywhere. When I say everywhere, I mean it. The other day, my best friend/room-mate saw a spider in her bedroom, so naturally, we tore it apart. In the process of moving every piece of furniture around her room, we moved her bed and guess what was under there? No, not the spider. Three of my beautifully cheap rings. Baring in mind, I have never slept in her bed, she thought that was kind of strange. So yes, in short, leaving my rings everywhere is definitely one of my bad habits.

My Addiction to Coffee

This doesn't sound like a habit does it? But let me tell you, it could definitely be classified as 'annoying'. If my housemates or friends had a pound for every single time I said I was ill when in reality all I needed was a coffee, they would be rich by now and able to buy me all the coffee I needed/desired. 

Chewing Plastic 

This annoys my boyfriend to no end. He hates it when I chew plastic. Okay, let me explain... I love plastic. You know at birthday parties they usually have those plastic confetti pieces on the table? Yeah those, I love chewing those. And not only does it make the most awful noise in the world and my boyfriend will physically open my mouth to remove the remnants, but it also probably isn't very good for me. But you know, everything in moderation.

The Way I Pronounce Things 

Okay, shout out to all my friends that listen to my talk every day. I literally can only pronounce a handful of words and no of them are intelligent. We live in Farnham, a beautiful town in Surrey and usually, we travel to Aldershot to go to the cinema or to dinner. However, I don't pronounce it Aldershot, I pronounce it Elder-shot, which is in all regards, wrong. So wrong in fact, that sometimes people don't even know where I am referring too. Which is excellent, as I am a creative writing student and I can't even describe where I actually am . Also, actors names is another channelling feet for me. I usually confuse actors first names with other actors second names and then again, no-one knows what I am talking about. So the question is - how have I ever actually communicated with other humans? 

I am sure that I have plenty of other annoying habits that drive my friends, family and boyfriend crazy but what I want to know is, what's yours? What are your really annoying habits that are so irritating, that sometimes, they even get on your nerves? Let me know in the comments! 

What I was listening to whilst I wrote this: Young Volcanoes- Fall Out Boy

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  1. I relate to this post a lot,I annoy my friends so much with my habits

  2. I’m so glad you posted this it was funny to read well done x

  3. Um... I am glad to see that your boyfriend Carries in the “going in to retrieve the chewed plastic too”
    I can remember many of times I have told you to spit it out or I will be going in there!
    I am sorry darling but elder- shot is not the only thing you say ass backwards.... par cark.... for example!! How you say “girls”.... and many other quirky things you do.... the most annoying is... you have people chewing loudly!! But give you chewing gum and you join the bloody lot of noisy chewers!!!
    Your ever loving mumma.x

  4. A L D E R S H O T

    Your annoying traits make you unique thus they are not a problem

    Kels xx

  5. Interesting post, your habits are part of who you are and I don’t think they are annoying! I find that I’m sometimes told I prounounce words strangely too, think it’s the south west way! x

  6. I leave my rings everywhere too!��
    Really enjoyed reading this.

  7. Haha I actually love this post! I can relate to this so much!! I have so many annoying habits that my boyfriend hates, oops.

    P.s. also agree with the party confetti, very chewable mwhauah

    Ashleigh Davis.

    1. OH MY GOD! I HAVE NEVER FOUND ANYONE WHO LIKES TO CHEW CONFETTI! thank you for your comment x

  8. I loved this! I now want to write my own list of annoying habits haha. I'm definitely a bit of a coffee addict myself x

  9. Great post! I am a coffee addict too!

  10. Hahaha such a good post! I recognize myself a lot in this - especially leaving my rings everywhere (not under my roommates bed, but you know haha) and my weakness for coffee (im trying to cut down but oh man its hard!)


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