Story Time - That One Story That Makes me Laugh Every Time

Monday 8 October 2018

I have done a couple of Storytimes on my blog and people seemed to really enjoy them. However, they are always cute and sappy, whereas the other day, I heard a story that literally made me weep with laughter. I have been given permission to tell this story - and I even have the participant next to me as I write this. 

So let me set the scene, a young sixteen-year-old Katie Thomas was working as a Scout Leader in Chigwell. She was given many responsibilities as a leader and she took all of them very seriously - some would say, a little too seriously. It was warm, Katie was wearing light blue Hollister jeggings (yes jeggings, that's the time period we talking about when it was still cool) and a hoodie. She had been given the simple task of setting up a Wide Game. For all my non-scout attending readers (me included), a Wide Game is a game which takes place over a large amount of land, like a couple of fields. 

Young Katie was told to help set it up and in order to do so, she had to go around and hide a few CD discs with letters on them. The aim of the game was for the children to find as many CD discs as possible and put them together to spell out a word. Sounds simple, doesn't it? So anyway, there Katie was, hanging one of the CDs onto a bush, whilst simultaneously basically being stood within the leafy foliage.  

On the other side of the field was a much older, more qualified leader than Katie. Someone, you could say, that Katie looked up too. However, she was but a small speck in the distance as Katie continued to hang the CD discs.  You may be thinking, where on earth is this story going? Stick with me. 
Katie suddenly felt the urge to pee. I know I have been calling her young from the start of this story, but at sixteen years old, you are usually able to go to the bathroom. But young Katie was scared. Was she allowed to leave when she hadn’t finished setting up the game? Would she be yelled at by the other, superior leader? Would the children come out whilst she was peeing and the game wouldn't be done? So, as no-one else I know would do, Katie peed herself. Right there, on the spot, mid-job and all over her light wash Hollister jeggings. From her very own mouth - she didn’t even squat or kneel. She just peed, stood up and all over herself. 

What makes this story so funny - is that straight after, she went to the bathroom to clean herself up. That's right, she took off her hoodie, tied it around the wet patch on her jeans and proceeded to go to the bathroom. So that begs the question, why would you pee yourself in the first place, if the toilet was that close?

So anyway, that was my story of the week. I hope it made you smile! It sure made me laugh.
Have a good day, my little rays of sunshine!

Also, head to Katie's blog and give her some love, she did let me tell this story after all.
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