Our Trip To Brighton

Sunday 28 October 2018

By the time you are reading this, it has been one week since I have returned from my relaxing weekend away with my boyfriend, Kelsey.  As it was my birthday, I decided it was the perfect time to go away.I decided that whilst I was there, I was going to document our time spent there because it truly was amazing. Us, university students in the third year, don't get much time to relax. And this was just what we needed. 
Once we arrived in Brighton, we went straight to our little Airbnb and dropped off our stuff. We stayed at a little place directly on the coast which was super central. I honestly would recommend staying at an Airbnb over a hotel chain. The woman who owned it was lovely, she let us check out a little later than intended.  It was so much cheaper than any other hotel we have looked at and it really was in the best location.

After that, we went and grabbed some food. Now, if you know Brighton, you would know that there are so many different places to choose from when it comes to filling up your stomach. We decided to eat at Stock Burgers because it wasn't far from our hotel and we were starving. Although it was a bit of a spontaneous choice, I would highly recommend Stock Burgers. It works very similarly to Nandos, where you build your own burger and decided what you would like. It comes as just the burger by itself unless you would like to add a side. We added some absolutely lovely sweet potatoes fries as they have become my boyfriends and I's obsession recently. 

After, we decided to have a walk down the famous Brighton seafront and pier. The sunsets that we witnessed over the weekend were amazing. I don't know if it was just because we were by the coast or something, but every night the sky would light up and become the most beautiful colours.  I know this post is very picture based and it was so hard narrowing down what images to use. 90% of my camera roll right now is pictures of Brighton beach at sundown.

At night, the Brighton Pier arcade comes to life. We went and spent a few of our coins on some games as were on holiday after all. And you know those claw machines that you never win on? Well, it must have been our lucky day as we won our little Winnie the Pooh! It was a really beautiful night. 

We started off our second day by eating breakfast at Wetherspoons. My boyfriend loves his breakfast and I had to feed him otherwise he would have got grumpy later in the day. I had a coffee and a breakfast, avocado and bacon muffin. It was really nice. Trust us, students, if there is a Wetherspoons in the area, we will find it and we will go. 
Also, just for a little more information, my boyfriend had a Blue Moon beer (his favourite) and a pizza. For breakfast. Yep.

For my birthday, Kelsey brought me tickets to go to the aquarium. I don't know why but recently I had the urge to go to an aquarium and see all the little fishes.  Brighton seemed like the perfect place to go, as we were right by the sea after all. The actual building at the Sea Life centre was amazing. It was beautifully lit and it was so informative. A quick warning though - if you do attend The Sea Life centre, it is hot. Really hot. Don't wear a jumper, you don't need it. 

Thank you, Kelsey, for buying the tickets as well as a little book for me to follow along with. 

Later on in the day, after the aquarium, we decided to go on the hunt for ice cream. This was when we stumbled into a cafe, which doubled as a game shop (kinda). This cafe allowed you to use a wide selection of board games that they carried, whilst you ate and had something to drink. We settled down with some milkshakes and Kelsey (tried) to teach me how to play chess. 

For dinner, we decided we were going to have fish and chips on the beach. Again, the sunset was wonderful. So we settled on a beach to watch it set, whilst we ate. We then later grabbed a bottle of wine, two glasses from our Airbnb and finished it on the beach as well. 
This made me fall in love with Brighton. 

Our third and final day was hectic, to say the least. We started off with a calm morning when we visited The Prince Albert pub. On the outside of the pub, it is covered in the Dead Rockstars art piece and it is amazing.  I could have stood there and looked at it forever. If you are heading into the Brighton area, I would highly recommend going and having a look. 

Okay, so this is where it started to get stressful. My lovely housemates (Shalieka and Liam) were meant to be heading down on our third day to come and spend the rest of the afternoon with us. However, their trains were all super delayed. Kelsey and I found this little pub which was in eyeshot with the train station. Kelsey, of course, got a pint of Blue Moon as his answer to all lives stresses is Beer.  

Whilst Shalieka and Liam were taking a long time to get to us, we decided to go find some food. Now, my boyfriend has been to New York (don't worry, he definitely will tell you) and since then, he has had an obsession with burritos. So when we saw this eatery whilst walking down Brighton. We have to stop and grab some food there.
Tortilla was amazing. However, I found out very quickly that eating a burrito and managing not to spill it all over myself was not a talent I had.

Finally, our friends made it down to us. We proceed to walk down Brighton Pier again and get a few drinks plus some classic fish and chips. Overall, it was an excellent weekend. I loved every second of it and I would definitely do it again. In a later post, I want to talk about moving out after university. Shalieka and I actually plan to move to Brighton when we leave university and this trip definitely confirmed why I want to move there.
Thank you to my wonderful boyfriend for arranging it all. 
And Thank you, Brighton, for having us!

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  1. And now I seriously want to go back. Also that pic of the burrito makes me want another burrito so thank you for that Asher ��

    Had such a great time, really will remember this weekend forever xx


  2. Great post. Looks like you had an amazing time! Love the photos, such good quality x

  3. Perfect.....love you, your mumma xx

  4. Sounds like such a cute trip! Hope you had a lovely birthday x

  5. Brighton looks beautiful, I would love to go! Sounds like such a relaxing and calm place, looks like you had a great time! Lovely pictures.

    Chloe xx

  6. i love the photos for this post!

  7. It looks like you enjoyed yourself. I loved looking at all your photos! All the food ones have made me hungry though.

    I hope you had a lovely birthday too. ♥

  8. Aw it sounds like a lovely few days. Fully respect the pizza and a beer for breakfast attitude. How amazing that you won a Winnie? The claw must have known you were there for your birthday x


  9. So funny to have stumbled upon this post- I live in Brighton pretty much right next to stock burger/that street in one of your pics hahaha... Brighton is the best city in the world... I would recommend going to Balcony cafe in the north laines next time you're here for kind of cheapo spoons-type food, and they do student deals I think! (also that burrito place is another fav!)


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