Treat Yourself 2018

Sunday 14 October 2018

Good Evening...Yes, I am quoting the iconic scene from Parks and Recreation. Why? I felt like it. But also, it's because I have had a bad week and I needed a little positivity in my life and is there anything more positive than Parks and Recreation? I think not. 
Anyway, basically I have had a bad week where I haven't been really feeling myself, I decided to put together a little 'haul' thing (?). I am not sure if this counts as a haul per say, but I did treat myself this month...
So let's get down to business...

My first little treat for myself is actually in the picture above. The Bee Necklace is from eBay and literally cost £1.99 but I love bumble bees, so I had to have it! Also, I welcomed my little dinosaur necklace to my collection this year. I think he was only £2.00 from Primark, so again, not overly expensive.  But anyway, treating yourself doesn't have to be expensive! Anything to put a little smile on your face, you don't have to break the bank.

My second treat for myself is this blazer. Wearing this blazer raises so many questions. Is she a businesswoman? Where is she going, somewhere important?  Is she attending a meeting or going to the races? And the answer to all of these are, No, I am wearing what I wore to bed uneath this blazer and if I put it on, it makes you think I have my life more together than I actually do. But, anyway, this blazer is from New Look, which has amazing sales on at the moment in the UK and it cost me £15, which is a good price to me!

Okay, so I am really bad at just treating myself and when I am in a bad place, I am reminded of how much love is in my life. So this week, I got in contact with Morse Toad to help me out a little with this post. So I thought this week, my boyfriend deserved a treat as well. Morse Toad sent me this adorable chocolate card to give him and how cute is it? I would love to comment on how good the chocolate tastes, but unfortunately, I can't because I am not allowed to open it until my boyfriend gets here tonight. But who doesn't love some chocolate! Always remember that whilst you are treating yourself, to treat those around you. 
Thank you Morse Toad! 

So, taking a piece of advice from Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle (if you haven't seen Parks and Recreation, I would highly recommend), I will treat myself this year. In small, but frequent ways. Whether that be a blazer or just a little necklace, I would even go as far as too say it's a form of self-love.
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  1. Perfect advice Asher.
    Love you, your mumma.x

  2. another good post

  3. Thank you for the chocos.

    I can follow up and confirm they taste damn fine.

    Kels x x

  4. The bee necklace and dino ones are my fave!

    Ellie //

  5. Treating yourself is always a nice feeling (just make sure you don't go broke). Oh man, you got such great deals from eBay! Love the blazer. Glad you enjoyed your recent goods!

    Nancy ♥

  6. Ooh, that bee necklace is so cute! I'm from Manchester so I feel like I need a bee necklace... cuz manchester bee and stuff haha
    Aleeha xXx

  7. Treating yourself is a great pick me up when you need a little boost. I love that blazer! I can't believe how affordable it was! Great post x


  8. I love that sweet little bee necklace! The chocolate looks delish--I clicked over on their website and had a look around! xx


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