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Wednesday 31 October 2018

I was going to do a Halloween post for tonight but I can't lie, Halloween isn't really the holiday for me. I am not one for scary films, I am too old to go trick or treating and frankly, it's too expensive to dress up. However, do you know what I am down for? Having a reason to go to a party and get drunk,
I struggled with an idea of what to write for this Halloween post because I don't really celebrate it anymore. Don't get me wrong, when I was younger, my mum used to dress me up as a witch, a mummy and even one year, a dead school girl. But now, I don't really have the time or energy. Plus, it is a perfect excuse to go out and embarrass yourself! 

So, I decided instead to do something a little more 'me' this week. 
Whilst doing my regular scrolling through blogs this week, I came across a 'Women Empowerment Tag', which I found really interesting. From what I can gather, it was started by a blog called My Lifelines, which if you haven't read anything by these bloggers, the link is here

Being a woman myself, obviously, women being empowered means everything to me. My whole life has revolved around following the footsteps of powerful women. I went through a change earlier in the year where I went through my Instagram and unfollowed all the posts promoting naked women, weight loss products and brands. I found my following list to be shallow and I wanted to follow some real, female content. I would brand myself a 'feminist' and I feel that the stereotype that all empowered women hate men should be dropped. Feminism is all about equality, not one gender being above the other. 

Here is a small list of women-themed Instagrams that I follow if you:
  1. Pollynor 
  2. Frankie Magazine. 
  3. Females.Power
  4. We_r_Feminist
  5. Fiercely.Female.

There are obvious answers to this question. My mum would be a clear choice. She was the first female figure I ever met and she is clearly a strong woman. I feel that my mother is responsible for the majority of my personality traits which make me consider myself a strong woman. For example, I am very stubborn - which I know sounds negative, but when it comes to work (university work) it definitely comes in handy. So thank you mum, for empowering me. 

But obviously, there are some famous empowered ladies whose work I really enjoy. 
Just to list a few...
  1.  Amy Poehler
  2.  Tina Fey
  3.  Demi Lovato 
  4. Laverne Cox
  5. Emma Stone
  6. Dascha Polanco
  7. Ashley Graham 
  8. Krysten Ritter
  9. Hayley Williams 
  10. Zooey Deschanel 

One of the charities that I love reading about is Body Gossip. Body Gossip works hard combining the arts and education to help banish the media representation of woman's bodies. Having lumps, bumps, curves, hair and blemishes is okay. I take Media and Creative writing at university and a hot topic are always how women are represented. Plus sized models should actually be plus sized, self-care and eating should be promoted not seen as self-indulgent. The sooner these images are presented in media, the quicker it will get to the younger generation.
If you want to learn more about Body Gossip, click here.
This post is not sponsored but it's super important to read up about what charities are out there for women. 

Thank you for taking the time to read my women empowerment tag. Thank you to all the women and men who take steps every day to make the society we live in a little more comfortable for everyone. 

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  1. this was a really important post

  2. Aww thanks Asher, I am glad I have helped you be a strong independent young woman. Love you baby. Your mumma.xx

    1. I love this women empowerment tag! It is important that we bring up other women a well. There is room in the world for success. You and your mother are so cute!

      Nancy ♥ exquisitely.me

  3. Great post Asher! I can definitely agree that my mum is an inspiration to me as well x


  4. Good and thoughtful post


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